Learn Why Fractals and SWAT Candles Are Undervalued Indicators

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Dear Traders,

Fractals provide critical information about breakouts and bounces. But did you know that they are even more useful when analyzing their position versus the 21 ema and 144 ema?

Check out the live webinar from earlier today where Chris Svorcik explains the value of both Fractals and the SWAT Candles.

Discover ecs.FRACTALS and swat.CANDLES

Chris discusses how to identify the most important Fractals, how to evaluate the importance of each Fractal depending on its position versus the 21 ema and 144 ema, and how to understand the code behind the ECS Fractals themselves. 

Last but not least, he explains how the SWAT candles can work as either an entry method and for trade management purposes.

How to Learn via SWAT 2.0 Course

The SWAT 2.0 course explains much more about the value of these key aspects:

  • 21 ema zone
  • 144 ema
  • Fractals
  • Price vs MAs and Fractals
  • Fibonacci
  • Fibonacci targets
  • ecs.Wizz
  • Price swings
  • Price patterns
  • Elliott Wave patterns
  • Chart patterns
  • Time patterns
  • And much more

Learn more about these ideas and concepts via SWAT 2.0 course, which you can get for free via 1 of our sponsorships.

Or become a SWAT member directly without the support of any broker.

Check out the SWAT ebook with 600 pages if you want to read more about the course first.

Good trading,
Chris Svorcik

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