5-20% Monthly

Multi-Asset portfolio-style approach to Forex & CFD Money Management.
Risk Warning: Remember financial trading is highly speculative & may lead to the loss of your funds.

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Sit Back & Relax
Top up the account, join "ECS Portfolio" and let us run the game.
No Upfront Costs
Your cost starts only once the Portfolio makes a profit.
Consistent Returns
Solid 5-20% monthly returns based on the past 2+ years.
Few Drawdowns
Limiting drawdowns through a mix of automated and manual trading.
Reporting & Transparency
No hidden fees, clear reporting, and full verification via Myfxbook.
Full Capital Control
Your capital will be traded via a regulated trading environment.
5-20 %

Monthly Returns

Average, based on past performance.

40 %

Quarterly Returns

May deviate between 15%-140%.

250 %

Yearly Returns

Based on past performance.

- 5 %


Only 2 losing months out of 22.

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What’s “Portfolio ECS”

A mixture of market structure research paired with technical and fundamental analysis allows us (with a help of bespoke software) to combine manual and automated trading in a truly unified Multi-Asset, Multi-Approach Money Management Service. 

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Head of Growth
Head of Trading

Our Fees

Net CapitalProfit Sharing
> $80050%
> $15,00045%
> $50,00040%

How does it work?
You invest $10,000 and pay a profit share of 50%. In time 🤞 , your account grows to $15,000, that’s when your profit share moves down to 45%. Now, unless your account equity goes back below $15,000, your profit share remains 45% and can go lower as the equity grows.

$5k Makes $5k in a Year 💰
Average Monthly: 17%
Expected monthly gain: 20%
Expected returns: $7,000
Profit Share Cost: $3,500 (50%)
Expected Nett Returns: $3,500
$10k Makes $10,5k in a Year 💰
Average Monthly: 17%
Expected monthly gain: 20%
Expected returns: $14,000
Profit Share Cost: $6,300
Expected Nett Returns: $7,700
$15k Makes $16,8k in a Year 💰
Average Monthly: 17%
Expected monthly gain: 20%
Expected returns: $21,000
Profit Share Cost: $5,600
Expected Nett Returns: $8,400
Profit Share 45%
Saves you 12% Profit a Year.
Profit Share 40%
Saves you 24% Profit a Year.

Broker account

VT Markets
Trading Platform:
MT4, MT5
Max Leverage:
Forex, CFDs, Crypto
Min Deposit:
Open an account
Trading Platform:
MT4/5, WebTrader
Max Leverage:
Forex, CFDs, Crypto
Min Deposit:
Open an account
Trading Platform:
MT4, MT5, App
Max Leverage:
Forex, Metals, Crypto, Energies, Stocks, Indices
Min Deposit:
Open an account

How to join 🏁

Broker Account
Open & verify an account with a supported broker.
Deposit Funds
Fund any USD denominated account with at least $500.
Join our PAMM
Find a link within the instructions below.

See detailed instructions on the steps to start in no time!

Why Trusted Broker?
Running Expert Advisors at this level of operations incurs R&D, Customer Support, Marketing costs, which we partly cover with spread-based rebates provided by a broker. This agreement does not impact the performance of the Managed Account.

Calculate your expected profit with Portfolio ECS

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Asuncion, Paraguay
They taught me new concepts to read the forex market and respect its rules. Daily analysis to capture possible negotiable movements. Mandatory reading their emails 7 days a week.
ECS offers what I didn't find in any other advisors, blogs, experts, etc. - not just some "magic" trading system or market analysis but the holistic view and support for the trader - from beginner to advanced level.
Istanbul, Turkey Forex broker
I have been a subscriber of Elite Currensea since April 2018. I am very glad about all the services, webinars and educational materials they provide. I appreciate all the great work they do.
Rawalpindi, Pakistan
The best thing about EliteCurrenSea is that they also teach trading rules and principles which are very beneficial for beginners.

Some of the reviews have been modified for grammar and spelling. You can find original reviews on our FPA page.


How are trading decisions, entries, exits, and trade management done for ECS Portfolio?
The ECS Portfolio uses a mixture of technical analysis, trading systems and rules, fundamental analysis, and news events for its trading decision. We trade a basket of systems and instruments to find a well balanced and diversified approach. Some methods are automated whereas others are semi-automated. Our trading team does the heavy lifting of managing and monitoring the account.
What kind of results are possible with the ECS Portfolio method?
When reviewing the past historical results of live trading, most months end up with some profits. Of the 22 months traded since 2019, 20 months ended up in the positive territory. Only 2 months had a loss and the worst loss was only -4.27%. All quarters so far ended up with clear profits. The average winning months is +17.57%. The average result is +15.63%. Most months see again between +5% and +20%. Most quarters end up between +15% and as high as +140%. The yearly returns have been between +100% and +250%. The returns can reach 40% per month if the profits are not withdrawn and reinvested, which means that the gains are accumulative. Always remember and realize though that past performance is no guarantee that future results will be the same or similar.
Do I need to do any trading or monitoring?
No, nothing. The ECS team fully manages the account from entry to exit. Your will be able to see the daily report send to you by the broker.
May or can I intervene in the trades?
No, all trading decisions are done by the trading team. It is technically not possible to change the trades by yourself.
What is the minimum capital?
The minimum capital that is needed to start is only $500.
What if the broker doesn't accept my country?
Please write us an email at [email protected]
What instruments do you trade?
EURUSD primarily, as well as CFDs in Stock & Indices, and some Crypto CFDs.

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