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SWAT Guide: 360 Degree Trading and Analysis

360 Degree Method for Trading and Analysing Price Patterns & Market Structure.

Chris Svorcik
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What’s this

Simple Wave Analysis and Trading (SWAT 2.0) method offers a refined approach to wave trading without knowing or counting the ways. This can be done by using moving averages, Fibonacci, price action, and the oscillators for finding the price swings and counting the waves in a simple and quick method. This 600 page e-guide explains all the basic concepts first. It reviews all of the key concepts from A to Z such as support & resistance, price patterns, and trend & momentum. That is why traders with various experience levels – from beginners to intermediate to more experienced – are able to benefit from the guide.

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System Overview

  • The main focus is on understanding technical analysis and price charts in general. Most of the examples are connected the Forex market, but the ideas could apply to most price charts.
  • The SWAT guide explains how traders can analyse price movements with more context and in a quicker way. It discusses both manual trading and automated trading.
  • It is mostly focused on practical solutions (98%). We explain how to identify impulsive and corrective price swings, how to spot chart patterns, the trend direction, and S&R. Candles and price swings are like pieces of Lego as they build up to something larger. Simply said, we show traders how to recognise patterns and trade them.
  • But we also show some theory (2%). We explain how patterns repeat throughout time, with all instruments, and on all time frames because the market is fractal in nature.

We believe that the material here makes the reader a better chart analyst and a better trader. Even if the materials help improve your skills with 10%, it is already a success. But secretly, we hope that you gain much more out of the ecs.SWAT guide.