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SWAT Guide: 360 Degree Trading & Analysis (full)

360 Degree Method for Trading and Analysing Price Patterns & Market Structure.

Chris Svorcik
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What’s this

The digital book explains the price patterns and technical analysis from A to Z. This ebook fully focuses on the SWAT methods, software, and strategies only.

The Simple Wave Analysis and Trading (SWAT 2.0) method offers a refined approach to wave trading without knowing or counting the ways. This can be done by using moving averages, Fibonacci, price action, and oscillators for finding the price swings and counting the waves in a simple and quick method.

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Book Overview

Chart's Explained
  • 580+ pages
  • Tons of images
  • Numerous practical examples
Education & Trading
  • Support & resistance
  • Price patterns
  • Trend & momentum
Tools & Indicators
  • Moving averages
  • Strategies
  • Indicators
Suitable for
  • All experience levels
  • Wave & Fibonacci traders
  • Moving average traders