Do you offer spread payment or money back guarantee?
At this moment we do not offer spread payments because the main systems are at a very reasonable price. We believe that it should be affordable for most people. Exceptions can be made for very expensive courses or systems that cost several thousands of euros. Please contact us in that case personally via email info(at)EliteCurrenSea.com.
What are the risks involved?
Forex trading is very risky business. Please see our disclaimer for more information (go here). There is also a risk for us, but we believe that all traders who purchase material, systems, and courses from us will respect our input and intellectual property and not share it with others.
What experience do you have in the markets?
We receive tons of praise from other traders on a regular basis. Check out our testimonials page!
What are your results?
You are able to see some of the results in these trading statements.
How can I start?
If you want to start with one of our systems, go to our home page and pick your preferred method for trading. If you are uncertain of what would suit you best, join our community by signing up for future newsletters and valuable tips and ideas on trading.
What type of trading do you trade?
We are primarily focused on scalping, intra-day, and intra-week strategies. SWAt can also be used for long-term time frames.
Who are we?
We are Chris Svorcik and Nenad Kerkez, also known as Tarantula FX. We are full-time professional Forex traders, who use highly specialized, well developed, and mostly custom made strategies, indicators and tools to remain consistently profitable. We are teaching the art and science behind Forex and CFD trading and willing to help traders of all levels to become profitable or to increase their profitability.
What services do you provide?
We want to provide the tools so that everyone can build their own future. Both of us strongly believes in finding one’s own path and trading can help achieve that. We also very passionate about art and science behind trading and technical analysis. We love what we do and are excited with sharing our knowledge and experience. The tools we offer are split in free and paid materials because some material is just too valuable to give away plus we have our own development costs as well. The free material includes an eBooks, guides and many indicators. For CAMMACD and SWAT systems, we do charge an admission fee for access. All course participants will have access to excellent knowledge, exquisite indicators, and world class strategies. In any case, we hope that you will join our community and sign-up to receive the full package that will propel you to the next level.
How much does it cost?
The ecs.CAMMACD system is comprehensive approach based on technical analysis – more information. Whereas, ecs.SWAT system is a simplified method to trade the waves – more information.
Which system is best for me?
We recommend ecs.CAMAMCD to traders with less experience or looking for a simple method. While ecs.SWAT is recommended to traders who are interested in understanding the market structure in more depth but in a simplified way. We also recommend it to traders who like EW (Elliott Wave) Theory (SWAT makes the process much simpler though).
What markets do you trade?
We are fully focused on trading the Forex & CFD markets, commodities, and stock indices. Trading Forex has its advantages such as a market which is open 24/5, lots of liquidity, lots of volatility/price movement, great money management possibilities due to small lot sizes, lots of transactions (due to export and import), etc.

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