Zeus EA

3%-15% Monthly returns with MT4 Forex EA
Risk Warning: Remember financial trading is highly speculative & may lead to the loss of your funds. Monthly returns calculated on historical performance of the EA.

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Passive Income
Install an EA, fund an account & let Zeus EA run the game.
Fully Auotmated
Instant, error-free orders, based on proprietary strategy.
MetaTrader Solution
Developed for the most popular and reliable trading platform.
Live Trading Record
Live since 2019, MT4 Forex EA averages a 15% monthly return.
Flash-Like Speed
Ultra-fast, complex monitoring, and performance on a large scale.
Low Risk Trading
The DD of under 20% makes it well-suited for risk-averse investors.
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What’s Zeus EA?👀

Zeus EA is an automated forex trading system for the currencies market. The EA is designed to generate a passive forex monthly income without your involvement. Our MT4 EA trades only EUR/USD. The pair offers preferable volatility, liquidity levels, as well as less international risk. 

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Live Performance

Zeus EA Profit 🩳

Passive MetaTrader EA Forex Trading with an impressive and stable average monthly return – without compromising on any autonomy. 

Affiliate Revenue 👔

Get an up to 35% profit share via our partner’s area. Our affiliate manager will help you with promo materials.

Who is it for?
Both, experienced and beginner traders that don’t have enough time to master a new manual approach as well as passive investors and institutional clients looking to diversify.

How to Join

Broker Account
Open & verify an account with a trusted broker to unlock the EA.
Purchase & Fund Allocation
Purchase MT4 EA & deposit (€2.5k recommended) with the trusted broker(s).
Launching Zeus EA
Install an MT4 EA on your account as per the purchase instruction.

(1) Broker account

Key to Markets
Trading Platform:
Max Leverage:
FX, Precious Metals, Indices, Commodities, Stocks & Crypots
Min Deposit:
Open an account

(2) Purchase Zeus EA

Zeus EA Lifetime (Sponsored 🏦)
Lifetime access to an EA, only via a verified broker.

What if it’s still unclear?
After purchasing you will receive full instruction on how to connect zeus mt4 ea to your trading platform, plus other details. See full instruction for more details!

Why Trusted Broker?
Running an EA at this level of operations requires both fixed time and variable costs (R&D, Customer Support, Marketing), which we partly cover with spread-based rebates provided by a broker. This agreement does not impact the performance of the EA.

Or, rent an EA without a broker sponsorship

Zeus EA Rental (12 months)
Yearly access to an EA without attachment to a broker.


  • Custom spreads & commissions
  • Available in most of the jurisdictions via local brokers
  • Flexibility with deposit and withdrawals options


Asuncion, Paraguay
They taught me new concepts to read the forex market and respect its rules. Daily analysis to capture possible negotiable movements. Mandatory reading their emails 7 days a week.
ECS offers what I didn't find in any other advisors, blogs, experts, etc. - not just some "magic" trading system or market analysis but the holistic view and support for the trader - from beginner to advanced level.
Istanbul, Turkey Forex broker
I have been a subscriber of Elite Currensea since April 2018. I am very glad about all the services, webinars and educational materials they provide. I appreciate all the great work they do.
Rawalpindi, Pakistan
Best thing about EliteCurrenSea is that they also teach trading rules and principles which are very beneficial for beginners.

Some of the reviews have been modified for gramma and spelling. You can find original reviews on our FPA page.


Is there a minimum starting capital?
In short no, but if you want to get similar results, consider at least 2,500 EUR (or equivalent) in a starting equity.
What profit per month can you expect?
Our MT4 Forex robot brings from 3% to 15% per month, depending on market volatility.
What is the incentive to work with "trusted broker(s) for Elite CurrenSea?
Running an EA at this level of operations requires both fixed time and variable costs (R&D, Customer Support, Marketing), which we partly cover with spread-based rebates provided by a broker. This agreement does not impact the performance of the EA.
What if the broker(s) you offer do not accept my country?
Please write us an email at info@elitecurrensea.com.
Can I take manual trades or make manual decisions for the EA?
In short - No. The account needs to be dedicated to the Ultima EA. No other setups maybe taken. This includes other EAs and discretionary or manual trades. Also, traders may not intervene in the EA with any of the open or pending trades. Nothing can be changed, including closing trades fully or partially, opening more positions, changing take profits, changing stop loss levels, changing or adding trail stop loss, etc. This is done for the health of your account - you are free to do any of the above on a separate account(s).
How does the strategy work?
We can share some details but we are not able to reveal the exact rules of the trading system. The forex robot works with one currency pair - EUR / USD, which is one of the most liquid on the market and the level of volatility of this pair allows you to withstand the risks specified in each of the trading settings.
What account type should I open?
As long as you use our link, any account type with a trusted broker should work fine.
Why do you only trade it on the EUR/USD 5 min chart?
The results are the best on this currency pair and time frame. We are trading other time frames and currencies too, however at the moment 5 MIN EUR/USD is the only pair we are ready to show to the retail clients.
Can I withdraw capital before the end of the month?
Yes, you are allowed to withdraw up to half (50%) of your trading capital at any point. The rest must be withdrawn after the profit share division has been completed at the beginning of the month. This is to protect us against earlier withdrawals and traders taking their deposits without splitting the profit share with us (as agreed). If no profit is made last month, then the account can be withdrawn immediately at the start of the new month (in that case, no profit is shared).

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