8-25% Monthly

Explosive account growth with an MT4 EA automated system.
Risk Warning: Remember financial trading is highly speculative & may lead to the loss of your funds.

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Consistent Returns
Remarkable 5-25% monthly returns based on 2+ years of live trading.
Rental & Managed
Trade on your account or invest in a managed account at €0 upfront cost.
Sit Back & Relax
No previous experience with MT4 EAs required for neither rental nor managed accounts.
Risk Management
By playing with risk levels, you can increase/decrease a profitability factor.
Reporting & Transparency
No hidden fees, clear reporting and full verification via Myfxbook.
Full Capital Control
No "freezing the capital", withdraw profits or top up your account at any moment.
15 %

Monthly Returns

Average, based on past performance (8-25%).

65 %

Quarterly Returns

May deviate between 30%-100%

220 %

Yearly Returns

Based on past performance average (140-300%).

30 %


Losing months are rare, but floating draw-downs can occur.

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What’s Athena EA?

Grid-trading algorithm with a specific approach to Take Profit that aims to never close a day at a loss.

  • EA Installer
  • Setup Handouts
  • Access to Reporting & Maintenance
  • FAQ & Support
EA Basics:
  • Trades price swings and price action
  • Elegant implementation of a classical equation
  • Moving averages and oscillators are added for exits and targets
  • Transitional draw-downs can sometimes be visible via an intra-day (or intra-week) chart.

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Strategy Provider
Head of Trading
$5k Makes $5,6k in a Year
Balance comouding (no profit withdrawing) and personal money management principles (removing some profits).
Funding & Onboarding
Fast-track KYC via a supported broker with no capital restrictions and flexible top-up options.
Installation Support
You are getting a free installation support, plus we are always online.

Rental 🩳

You’ll just need to have an account with a broker ready and install the EA on a VPS and supporting it throughout the investment cycles. This approach works best with above €4,000 (for under €4,000 ask broker for a cent account).

Managed Account 👔

A broker technology allows you to join in via a trusted environment without bothering about installation files and MetaTrader as a whole. Best for investors looking for a hands-off approach with as low as €400.

Prices & Fees

One-time Payment
A personal copy of the EA with complete access to all settings.
Order Now
Rental Sponsored🔥
Recurring Yearly
Quick onboading and no capital limits.
Order Now
Profit Share
€0 Upfront Fees
Requires a supported broker account.
Durationlifetime12 monthsongoing
Profit Sharexx25-35% *
Support & Onboarding
Telegram Channel & Reportingin developmentvia PAMM Panelvia PAMM Panel

* Sponsored version requires supported broker account

Profit Share 👔

Net CapitalProfit Sharing
> $40035%
> $80030%
> $5,00025%
> $15,00020%
Profit Share 30%
Saves you 12% Profit a Year.
Profit Share 25%
Saves you 24% Profit a Year.

Broker account

VT Markets
Trading Platform:
MT4, MT5
Max Leverage:
Forex, CFDs, Crypto
Min Deposit:
Open an account
Trading Platform:
MT4/5, WebTrader
Max Leverage:
Forex, CFDs, Crypto
Min Deposit:
Open an account

How to join 🏁

Broker Account
Open & verify an account with a supported broker.
Deposit Funds
Fund any USD denominated account with at least $500.
Join our PAMM
Find a link within the instructions below.

Detailed onboarding for rental and managed accounts.

Why Trusted Broker?
Running Expert Advisors at this level of operations incurs R&D, Customer Support, Marketing costs, which we partly cover with spread-based rebates provided by a broker. This agreement does not impact the performance of the Managed Account.

Calculate your expected profit with Portfolio ECS

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Possible DD

Expect Profit Calcuator

Expected Monthly Returns
Average Profit Share Fee
Profit (Rental)
Profit (Managed)
Profit Share Fees


Asuncion, Paraguay
They taught me new concepts to read the forex market and respect its rules. Daily analysis to capture possible negotiable movements. Mandatory reading their emails 7 days a week.
ECS offers what I didn't find in any other advisors, blogs, experts, etc. - not just some "magic" trading system or market analysis but the holistic view and support for the trader - from beginner to advanced level.
Istanbul, Turkey Forex broker
I have been a subscriber of Elite Currensea since April 2018. I am very glad about all the services, webinars and educational materials they provide. I appreciate all the great work they do.
Rawalpindi, Pakistan
Best thing about EliteCurrenSea is that they also teach trading rules and principles which are very beneficial for beginners.

Some of the reviews have been modified for gramma and spelling. You can find original reviews on our FPA page.


How are trading decisions, entries, exits, and trade management done for Athena EA?
The Athena EA is fully based on technical analysis. The trading system is only traded on the EUR/USD. It consists of two EAs that work simultaneously, one to buy and the other to sell. Also, depending on the balance, the two EAs must run at the same time on several EUR/USD charts with different timeframes. The EA opens a lot of trades in a day, both longs and shorts (hedging is used). The entries and exits are based on a mixture of moving averages, oscillators, and price swings.
What kind of results are possible with the Athena EA method?
The best results we managed to make were 28% gain per month. But this was with the highest risk settings. With lower risk settings, the lowest gain was +8% per month on average. Usually, the EA aims for results between 13% and 20% per month.
Is 500:1 the minimum leverage that is needed?
Yes, correct. It is highly recommend and in our view a must to always trade on an account with 500:1 leverage and nothing lower. It would be dangerous to use less.
Is it important to have an account with low spread?
Yes, it is an EA scalper that has a TP of only 4 pips, for this reason it is very sensitive to the spread. We recommend a very low spread or better zero spread.
Can I do backtesting with my EA?
Yes, you can backtest on the same account that has the active license.
But this system consists of two EAs that work simultaneously, one to buy and the other to sell. Also, depending on the balance, the two EAs must run at the same time on several EUR/USD charts with different timeframes. It is difficult to reproduce this in a backtest, which can be done only with one Ea, on a specific timeframe of a chart.
Does the Athena include a VPS and MT4?
No, Athena EA does not include VPS option.
Do I need to do any trading or monitoring?
No, nothing. The only action that is sometimes needed is to pause and re-start the EA for rental buyers, no actions are needed with Athena EA PAMM.
May or can I intervene in the trades?
No, all trading decisions are done by the EA. The only action that is sometimes needed is to pause and re-start the EA. This usually only occurs with high impact events like Non-Farm Payroll (NFP) or FOMC. We will indicate when to pause and re-start the EA.
What is the minimum capital?
The minimum capital that is needed to start is only $50 with "cent accounts" otherwise, €4,000 is the minimum for rental option, and as low as €400 for a PAMM account.
What if the broker doesn't accept my country?
Please write us an email at [email protected]
Does my broker and account need to accept hedging?
Yes, you must find a broker that accepts hedging. It is an integral part of the EA.
Can I change the account number?
No, the EA is intended for one account number only. After that, you need to rent or purchase the EA again if you want to use the EA for a different account number.
What instruments do you trade?
EUR/USD only.

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