ZuluTrade is the oldest and most well-known social trading platform. The platform allows investors to follow and imitate traders’ strategies through a highly interactive user interface.
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Founded in 2007, ZuluTrade is a social wealth management platform that belongs to the Finvasia Group. This platform lets investors copy the trading strategies of traders, and then carry out these strategies to trade on different brokerage platforms that are partnered with ZuluTrade. When visiting ZuluTrade, investors can connect with the platform’s integrated brokers and find trading strategies for all kinds of markets, such as Forex, Crypto CFD, Stocks, Commodities, and Indices. On top of that, they offer all sorts of tools and educational materials that will help investors and traders in their investment and trading journey. This is an interesting platform and for that reason, we will be diving deep to find out everything about ZuluTrade and provide you with a comprehensive review.

ZuluTrade Features

ZuluTrade is a social wealth management platform that was founded in 2007. Over the years, ZuluTrade has developed its offering by adding more features and tools to assist investors in making the best decisions possible. Currently, ZuluTrade has over 2,000,000 investors and
90,000 traders to follow. In 2021, ZuluTrade became a Finvasia Group brand. This platform lets traders share their own trading strategies with investors, who wish to invest in financial markets but want to do it with the help of professionals, can copy these strategies provided by traders and automate their trading with brokers partnered with ZuluTrade. But there is more to this platform than meets the eye, and therefore we will be going over all the important features of ZuluTrade.


The first thing that every trader looks at when joining such a platform is the instruments that are available to trade with. Here at ZuluTrade, we doubt that anyone would be disappointed by the options provided. ZuluTrade partners with over 50 brokers that provide trading options for the following CFD instruments: Forex, Stocks, Crypto CFD, Commodities, and Indices. Once the investor selects which instrument to trade with, then they can select a trader and brokerage to trade with.


ZuluTrade also provides tools for traders and investors to make their stay on ZuluTrade more profitable and enjoyable.  There is also a Calculator that can be used to calculate pips, profits, margins, and see the exchange rates.

ZuluTrade also provides an economic calendar where users can see every important upcoming event and each event indicates which currency might be affected by this event. 

Lastly, ZuluTrade offers ZuluScripts, which is a new generation of trading scripts that allows traders to deploy fully automated trading robots and indicators from their ZuluTrade account, and without the need of using 3rd party apps or software. 


Probably, one of the most interesting features of ZuluTrade, ZuluGuard is a protection mechanism that protects investors from losing their whole investment if a trader diverges from the strategy. This is done by ZuluGuard analyzing your account, and if it sees that your exit value exceeds the designated limit, it closes all positions and disables traders from your account.

ZuluGuard is available for every investor, and it is mandatory for investors who reside inside the EU. 


Automator is the automated trading system by ZuluTrade. Here traders can set up their own strategies, and execute trades based on pre-set rules. It can also be used to set up stop-loss and take-profit orders. For investors using this system is really easy, they simply need to go to traders tab and select whichever trader they like the most, based on the strategy these traders trade with. Then investors simply need to follow this trader, select how much they want to invest, and then sit back and relax as everything is done for them. 

Supported Brokers

As we mentioned, you are not trading directly on ZuluTrade, but connect it with different brokers. In total, ZuluTrade supports over 50 brokers. Some notable brokers that are supported on ZuluTrade are Fxview, AAAFx, IC Markets, AvaTrade, Weltrade, NPBFX and others.

Available Platforms

When it comes to trading platforms, ZuluTrade allows the usage of 3 different platforms. These platforms are MT4, and MT5, with MetaTrader 4 being the best choice in our opinion. They also have access to ZTP or ZuluTrade+ Platform which is a demo account for traders. In ZTP, demo traders are equipped with a fully-fledged Trading Station user interface with technical charts and indicators, along with the ability for Traders to create trading robots by running their own ZuluScripts. ZTP is web based, so you don’t need external software and you can access your trading Station anywhere, anytime.

Choosing which platform to trade on is very important when trading on financial markets. Despite them both being MetaTrader apps, with 5 being the latest one, we still think that MetaTrader 4 is the best platform. It is the most popular platform for a reason and every trader will benefit from using this platform.

Payment Methods

On the investors’ side, these payment methods are dependent on the broker they are trading with. When following traders on ZuluTrade, investors need to choose which broker they will trade with, and the payment method that they can use will then depend on the broker they chose. Because of this, it is important to check what payment methods are available for each broker and take this into consideration when selecting the broker to use.

For Traders, the supported payment methods are via Bank wire, PayPal, ZuluTrade Mastercard (which is in fact, a Cosmopayment card) and cryptos (BTC, USDC, ADA, DOGE).

For Affiliates, the methods of payment are via bank wire transfer, PayPal (for amounts up to $3000) and in popular Cryptos that are sent directly to their Crypto wallet.

Minimum Deposit

When depositing funds, investors once again will need to look at the minimum deposit amount allowed by the broker they have selected. For example, one broker might have a minimum deposit of $100, while another might have $200, and the trader then needs to make a minimum deposit based on the broker selected. 

It also needs to be mentioned that investors on ZuluTrade need to make sure that they have at least $100 in their trading account in order for their accounts to remain connected with ZuluTrade.


ZuluTrade is a regulated entity meaning that traders should not worry about it being a scam platform.

Operating from Greece, logically ZuluTrade holds a regulatory license from Greece. Specifically from Hellenic Capital Market Commission (HCMC). It is the only European license that they hold, but having just this license is enough for regulatory purposes and to make it a legit wealth management platform.

ZuluTrade also has a regulatory license from the General Japan Investment Advisers Association of Japan, which they have received in 2014. 

Prohibited countries

Currently, 8 countries are restricted from using ZuluTrade services, for regulatory and other reasons. 

For example, not having a US license means that people who reside in the US don’t have access to ZuluTrade. In Europe, every country except the UK has access to ZuluTrade.


ZuluTrade’s excellence and consistency in delivering outstanding services to investors and traders can be reflected by the awards won. In 2022, the firm was elected as “Best Social Trading Solution” in the UF Awards as well as ‘Best Social Wealth Management Platform’ at the Forex Expo Dubai in the same year.


ZuluTrade also has its own education center designed to help people learn more about financial markets and trading. This education center can be found under the Learn section of the website with the name Blog. Once you visit this page, you will be met with different materials to read from, and these materials center around financial markets and ZuluTrade itself.

Market News

The first section of the ZuluTrade Blog is the market news, which is the place where you can get the latest information coming from financial institutions. Here you can find information about different price movements, and what causes them, news coming from governments regarding different economic topics, and other relevant information.

Knowledge Crunch

The next section of ZuluTrade Blog is their Knowledge Crunch. This is where we can get different educational materials about different markets and instruments. This section is dominated by materials centred around cryptocurrencies, as they try to explain different tokens, blockchains, trading strategies, terms, and more. But this is not only limited to cryptocurrencies, you can also find similar information about Forex, stocks, commodities, and other markets as well.

New Features

New features is the section on their blog where ZuluTrade announces their latest and upcoming features. With this, investors and traders will know about upcoming changes and everything that is going on with the platform.

Trading Floor

The last section of ZuluTrade Blog is the trading floor where they announce top-performing traders that have managed to make the most profits for investors who are coping their strategies.

Customer Support

ZuluTrade can be proud of its Support Center. When visiting the support center, first you will see the search bar where you can search about the problem you encountered, with some of the most frequently asked questions displayed below this search bar.

Scrolling down we will be met with the Topics section where you can select around which Topic your problem is about, such as Affiliate Account, Investors Account, Getting Started, Forex Tools, and others. This is then followed by 3 Guides where each is designed for traders, investors, and affiliates. Here they have full guides regarding each account type.

If you are unable to find the solution on your own, users can contact support representatives from ZuluTrade directly which are available 24/5. The options for this communication are live chat, hotline, and email support. Another advantage of this section is that ZuluTrade support can communicate in 23 different languages, including English, Spanish, Russian, German, Arab, and other languages.

Getting Started on ZuluTrade

Joining ZuluTrade is a simple process that should not take more than a few minutes if you already have a broker account supported by ZuluTrade.

When joining the website, the first thing to do is to create an account. For this, all you need is an email address, a strong password, and a mobile phone number. Once you input all this information, you then simply need to confirm your account by the link sent to your email address.

After this, ZuluTrade will ask you to connect your account with one of the supported brokers. You can simply select the broker with which you already have an account. But if you wish to connect with a broker with whom you don’t have an account, there is an Open Account option that will take you to the broker’s registration page.

This is it, and all that is left to do now is to find the trader you want to follow and deposit money into your brokerage account. Or if you are an experienced trader, and wish to provide others with your services, you can simply add your strategy to the platform.

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