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Founded in 2010, Instagram has become a social media phenomenon. Application hosts 1.3 billion users, the majority of which are millennials or gen z. The platform’s success caught the eyes of older generations as well. There are more than 100 million posts made each day on the platform. Isn’t it interesting how Forex fits in the platform where the most liked photo is of an egg with more than 50 million likes? 

The forex market and trading industry, in general, have gained a lot of attention from a relatively younger audience in the last few years. Famous Instagram traders have adopted this platform to appeal to the emerging audience of younger people who are just starting out in trading.

Should we follow Forex traders on Instagram?

There might be some hesitation when it comes to using Instagram in the Forex industry. Instagram seems to be a relatively new media platform for FX traders who are used to different forum-style websites and Telegram as their main source of FX signals and information. Though there is no reason to overlook the potential that Instagram might present to the Forex Traders and their followers. 

Overall it is always to have as many sources of information as possible. The information is a valuable resource in Forex trading. Following popular FX traders on Instagram is not a bad idea to stay in the loop of information especially if you are using the app frequently on a daily basis. For the younger generation, whose main communication is Instagram, following traders might be the best option out there to constantly receive a wave of information. 

List of Top Forex Instagram traders

Though the Instagram platform is not highly acquired by Forex content creators, we have reached out to all the traders on the lost to verify results. In the meantime, here is the information  we could have collected through secondary research.


Samuel Leach is a famous entrepreneur and financial mogul who has produced numerous books about different trading topics. He started out his career in trading just when he was 18. He is considered to be one of the most popular forex traders on Instagram. Having 112 thousand followers on his account, Samuel provides mostly educational and motivational content for new and aspiring traders.


Founded by a famous Forex trader Jim Cramer, has been a popular platform helping to fill the informational gap in the industry and providing help to investors, organizations and individual traders to succeed in the financial market. Their Instagram account has over 50 thousand followers where they post different news in the financial world, raise awareness about different remote internships, and have engaging stories. 


Trade simple FX is an educational Forex Instagram page promoting various courses. This page might be useful for beginner traders as the account offers numerous guides and introductory information about the Forex world. This account talks about how to navigate platforms, use trading tools, master trend trading as well as learn the psychology of trading, habits, and other fundamentals.

How to detect fake FX traders on Instagram?

Due to the huge popularity that Forex trading has gained in recent years, the scamming of Instagram accounts has started to appear more and more frequently. Although there are many, detecting them is not as hard as you might think. 

One of the biggest giveaways of fake Forex traders on Instagram is the display of huge amounts of money which professionals on the field tend to avoid. These accounts are there to promise you huge growth, luxurious life, and avoid giving informational content or mentioning the difficulties of FX trading which is a major red flag. 

Be sure to do your research and see what is behind these Instagram accounts, and do they have a history or relative experience. Some of these fake accounts have another set of fake accounts that pretend to give objective testimonials.


Are Forex traders on Instagram Legit?

There are many famous Forex traders on Instagram who provide valuable information about the FX market in general and additional financial news that might be relevant for some.

Why are there so many Forex traders on Instagram?

As Instagram is mainly “habituated” by the younger generation, Forex traders have the possibility of the reach newer audiences and promoting their firms, and services as well as providing helpful tips and guides for novice traders.

Which FX traders’ Instagram accounts should I follow?

@Samuelandcotrading is one of the popular Forex traders on Instagram providing the FX educational content that helps beginner traders to feel more confident in their careers. Samuel Leach himself started trading when he was just 18 years old, which makes his perspective more valuable.

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