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In recent years Forex and Telegram have become used together so frequently that many even forget what was the main reasons behind why traders decided to make this app their hub space. Telegram does not require any fancy editing skills or content filled with hashtags, unlike other social media platforms. The information-sharing process is way simpler which makes it perfect for Forex traders who sometimes have to make a decision within a minute or so. 

Fast messaging

Most financial service providers have their own Telegram channels where they communicate with their clients, ensuring they are up to date with everything that is important and relevant for them. Due to the simplicity of the whole process, the sharing of educational content becomes way easier. 

Some top educators also organize Q and A sessions where the traders get to learn about the topics in which they are most interested. Besides, there are also the Telegram Forex signal channels which focus on sending alerts to the traders to make sure they know about an opportunity. Usually, with signals groups, they have other paid membership-based premium channels where the quality of signals are significantly better.

Sense of Community

With Telegram, it is easier to exchange your opinions rather than commenting on someone’s post and waiting for them to reply. Novice traders offer create special groups where they help each other out. Sometimes more experienced traders create special education channels which can also be very helpful for someone who is just starting. 

Telegram also has an amazing feature of polls where owners of the channels let the subscribers decide the next topic of the discussion which creates more engagement. On top of that, the platform does not have any limitations on the number of people you can have in the channel or the size of the files you can share with them which comes in handy, especially for rookie traders who are looking for materials to deepen their knowledge in Forex.

Broker-Client Communication

Most if not all Brokers are using Telegram as their main source of communication. Getting familiar with the app is going to help you stay updated with your service providers and have positive results along the way. Sometimes Brokers have a special onboarding process for novice traders. One of the first tips they have for the rookies is to set up Telegram and get involved in the community. Forex has many unwritten rules and most of them are shared through informal communication, these types of conversations help you to get acquainted with the overall culture of Forex trading. 

Best forex telegram groups

There are a plethora of TG Forex channels that offer numerous services and information about the thorough details of the trading world. Most of the TG forex group chats are focused on FX signals that help traders to increase their returns. Usually, there’s a team of highly experienced traders to are looking out and suggesting which pairs you should buy, indicating the goal price you should be acquiring the pair. Not most of them are as legit as you would expect, but there are some that stick out as the leading free and paid Forex telegram groups.



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Elite CurrenSea’s (ECS) award-winning signal service ecs.LIVE shares intra-day momentum setups for DAX, Dow Jones indices as well as GBPJPY. ECS generates signals using proprietary MetaTrader Expert Advisors (EAs), as well as manually by Chris Svorcik and his team. Some of such trading goes into the flagship Asset Management service “Portfolio ECS“. After joining this channel, you should expect an up to four signals a day that target, roughly, 9% returns per month. The signal service is free at the time of the review and servers as an entry point for everyone looking to get looking to later invest in ECS managed account or purchase software that generates the signals. The company’s primary services include money management via Athena EA and Zeus EA and aforementioned Portfolio ECS. Combined, the money management by ECS is expected to return 15% per monthly while, thanks to strict risk management offering strong diversification against hefty drawdowns that are common in Forex and CFD.


Elite CurrenSea has introduced one of the top forex telegram channels ecs.PUBLIC that offers traders daily access to premium setups (1/day), analysis, research and education by an Award-Winning Team. This particular TG group is free for all who want to learn more about trading specifics from experienced traders and also learn about updates about ECS leading trading systems. The company also offers private PAMM channels to the client who are using Athena EA and Zeus EA and gives monthly performance reviews and additional alerts when there are major life events are interrupting the Forex market.

The team behind this Telegram channel looks at XAUUSD and other major Forex pairs. The main focus of is to follow the trending markets which might have low-risk potential. This TG channel supports different languages making it available for traders all over the world with daily trading updates and 24-hour support.

Wall Street Forex Signals

This particular Telegram group chat has been around for a long time and with the accumulated experience offer both free and premium signals. Be sure to know that the free version does have paid advertising for their services to keep the TG accessible to everyone who wants to join. If you are looking for signals alert be sure that you are in the right place but otherwise the channel does not offer much guidance in terms of providing educational content for its subscribers.

Forex Pips Factory

Forex Pips Factory is another trading signal group. Compared to others on the list, this Telegram chat is more on a smaller scale but nevertheless, it does not sacrifice the quality of their reports compared to other bigger channels on the market. The content in the free telegram chat is also filled with promotional offers to promote their premium TG chat. 


Apart from the ecs.PUBLIC ULTREOS FOREX offers a good amount of educational content on their telegram channel. They are on the larger scale of communication channels providing forex market news, additional analysis and trade ideas for novice and experienced traders. This particular telegram chat does not offer much support concerning FX signals but leads to the educational side of the spectre.

Wicktator FX

Another great suggestion on this list is Wicktator FX which is leading in terms of providing educational content for chart analysis, finding winning trades and much more. This TG forex channel has been around for a few years and had a single goal of further educating any level of traders and building their experience while earning at the same time. On top of that Wicktator FX has launched its own VIP Telegram channel where they provide additional information and resources for all traders. Their speciality is swing traders with a higher risk ratio.


As you can see there are numerous reasons why you should already be on your phone downloading Telegram and start joining the Forex trading groups. Additionally, it is advised to join multiple ones but choose accordingly so you won’t be filled with too much unnecessary information. Telegram is a great communication tool for any level of traders, make sure to whilst choosing the TG channels understand what you are looking for exactly, educational content or more technical side of the spectrum.


Why are traders using Telegram?

Telegram offers a quick and easy way of conveying information without any more intricate steps that other social media requires. Lots of mentors on the platform prefer this style of communication. On top of that, Telegram does not have any limitations to the group channel capacities which allows traders to join bigger communities and learn more with people all over the world. 

What is the best Forex channel on Telegram?

The forex market has taken the Telegram platform, having the hugest amount of channels available. Out of this huge sea of TG groups, one that we can recommend is ecs.PUBLIC which is a free Telegram channel offering Forex educational content, News provided by Elite CurrenSea and occasional free Forex Signals.

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