? Ultima EA Doubles (!) Account with 13 Trade Win Streak ?

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Dear traders,

the Ultima EA made a huge bullish spike on the account. The system gained more than +100% return in just 2 weeks. This was done 100%, fully automated. 

Ultim EA was already on fire with +8.6% profit in the first 2 weeks (our 1st blog). Now the strategy had an even bigger win streak and bigger wins: +101.1% return with 14 wins in 15 trades.

Luckily for you, it is not too late to join… but you need to be fast:

  • Register an account with our supported broker on/before Monday 17 February, 2020.
  • Make a deposit before Tuesday 3 March, 2020.
  • Join with no upfront costs or fees and a fair profit sharing module. 

Hurry up, there are only 7 days remaining before we close the Ultima doors…

The Ultima Live Results in Last 2 Weeks

The past 2 weeks were simply fantastic. Doubling your account is a special feeling. I am sure that all Ultima EA members would agree with us, Mislav and Chris. 

As you see in the image below, the Ultima EA account spiked up very strongly in the last 2 weeks. This account is only running for 4+ weeks now but has already more than doubled. The account is now showing +123.22%.

This account is the master account that other Ultima EA traders follow. The risk is 5% per trade setup.

The most interesting aspect is the return versus drawdown ratio. A whopping +123.22% gains versus a minor 4.28% drawdown.

The winning streak has been sensational:

  • First 2 weeks: 10 wins – 3 losses
  • Last 2 weeks: 14 wins – 1 loss
  • Total 4 weeks: 24 wins – 4 losses 
  • 85.7% win rate vs 14.3% loss rate

Other Ultima Traders Are Stunned

Many Ultima EA traders reached out to us in astonishment and in unbelief. One trader was stunned after he started with a gain of almost +150% in just 2 weeks. 

Almost all traders made a profit in January 2020. Of the 33 traders that started, 32 made a profit in January 2020. That is 97% of the traders. The trader with a loss was only down -5% which is a very low draw-down. This trader was unlucky because he started at an unlucky moment before the month closed.

Other traders wrote us long messages expressing their joy:

Hi! ?️Another great day for Ultima! I am very excited ? it already doubled my account. It’s unbelievable!? i struggled with forex as a full time trader for so many months but psychology was my weakness. This is a solution. Thank you! Michal K.

A second trader had similar positive words prepared:

“Dear All at Elite, I have spent the last two days wondering how Ultima would handle the expected loss. To say I’m impressed, would be a serious understatement. I was fascinated by the trades that were made in the last forty eight hours. I appreciate its only early days but, whoever developed this is a genius. Congratulations to all of you. Yours, John H.

We are not surprised that traders are excited. Are you also interested in catching 100% account gains? Why not become an Ultima member! You can join with no upfront costs and a fair profit share module until 17 February 2020.

Are you already a member, but you have not yet made a deposit? Then you can join by simply funding your account before 3 March 2020.

Other Long-Term Results

We are also trading Ultima EA on an account that has a longer track record than 4 weeks. This Elite CurrenSea account is trading with 3% risk per setup, not 5%. Plus I am also trading my own personal account with 5% risk. Both have also made huge spikes up. Lets review.

The long-term account with $10,000 that we have mentioned before has also made a huge jump. This account is traded with 3% risk per setup. This means that the account will grow less but the draw-down will be lower too.

The $10,000 account is now worth $36,392

What does that mean?

  • It’s a gain of +263.93% or $26,392. 
  • The gains were realized in only 8 months.
  • The draw-down (DD) is only 22.98%.
  • The gains are 11.48 as big as the DD.

My own personal account is doing great too with a gain of +324.4% since the beginning of August in just 6 months. This account has made me personally EUR 17,427. I’m happy!

Ultima EA is About Long-Term Profitability

Keep in mind that these spikes do not occur even day. The system is built for long-term account growth. The system does not aim for hitting regular, daily, weekly, or even monthly targets. 

What does this mean?

  • There could be several months with lower profits
  • There could be months that end up in loss
  • The account can go sideways for months in a row
  • Evaluate the system after 1 year. At the least 6 months.
  • Do not worry about a single trade or even a series of trades – it’s about the long-term!

Take a look at the results of the last few months before we had the big spike up.

We had two months that the account was negative. Then 2 months with smaller gains. 

There were traders that joined after the big spike in August 2019 and then stopped after a few months just before the next big spike in February 2020. We feel sorry for these traders who did not manage to test the EA for at least 6 months. 

This is how Ultima works: 

  • It protects balance when the market is not good for us. 
  • Most other EAs burn your account during bad times. 
  • Ultima EA does a great job to defend the capital and create low losing streaks. 
  • And when possible, Ultima EA does it magic and does an offensive push that can spike the account upwards.

We know traders are flooded on the internet with some super duper results. 99.99% of those are account  burners. These results are one of the possible when taking into account the 5% risk per setup. Always risk what you can afford to lose because despite the great results in back testing AND live testing, long drawdowns and even a bad year can always happen. Ultima is built for the long run.

Will the past results guarantee the results in the future? No. But the automated system rules raise the chances significantly. Especially when tested for such a long period, with 99.9% tick and variable spread.

So all in all, we recommend trading with risk capital only and testing the system for 12 months before evaluating it. Always think about the long-term and be patient.

The main focus should always be placed on the long-term results and long-term quality back testing and never on short-term streaks. 

Who are the System Creators?

Mislav Nikolic and myself, Chris Svorcik, are the creators of this system. Here are a couple of reasons why the Ultima EA is showing such great performance:

  • Mislav made the rules on logical premises and the behavior of the Forex market, especially the EUR/USD. It’s not made to look best in the past but to have sense for the future as well. That’s the main reason why most ea’s do not work.
  • Mislav outperformed himself with creating (one of) the best target tools on earth, called the Bullseye indicator. The tool uses Fibonacci levels with special zigzag settings for the best target levels.
  • Mislav introduced dynamic trade management. The trade changes the target and stop loss level depending on the price movement and price swing. The EA is able to move targets further away if the trend is strong OR closer if the trend is weaker.
  • Mislav created a pending order system with special filters. Only the best trend continuation trades are taken after rigorous checks.
  • Chris and Mislav use the Wizz tool for understanding the chart space and the reset moment at the 144 ema.
  • Chris and Mislav use some of the best SWAT concepts like the 21 ema, 144 ema, Wizz for the trading rules.
  • All of the rules are fully, 100% automated.

New FAQs Asked by Our Followers

  • What is the leverage with a new account with FXDD? 500:1. 
  • Is the leverage and profit/loss ratio the same for all Ultima EA traders? Yes.
  • Can I trust FXDD as a broker? Yes, all the trades with our FXDD accounts are correct. The entries and exits are working smoothly. 
  • Is the Ultima EA performing consistent and draw down as you target? It is performing as we expect. Here you can see our live track record of the last 6.5 months.
    Our goal is long-term profitability so we are willing to accept a high drawdown (because we trade the system with 5% risk per trade) and an uneven distribution of the profits on a weekly and monthly basis (not all weeks or months will close in profits).
  • Are the trades correct? Are any trades missed? The performance with our FXDD account is the same as the main account. We have tested the software and it is working very well. No trades are missed and all trades are correct and per the strategy.
  • Can I find out more about the system behind the Ultima EA? Yes, please read this article on the strategy behind Ultima EA automated trading system revealed.
  • I heard that there was a live webinar. Is there a recording? Yes, you can see the recording of the live webinar indeed.

Remember, the profit share module in combination with no up front costs and a low minimum deposit will close on 17 February 2020.

If you join or already are a member, then you have time to make a deposit till 3 March 2020.

We advise you to sign-up in January if you want to claim a spot before we close the doors.

Join the Ultima system that managed to double our accounts in 2 weeks

Many green pips,
Chris Svorcik

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