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BullsEye Target

Fibonacci levels on price swings using the zigzag indicator.

MetaTrader 4
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What’s this

Fully automated indicator which plots the Fibonacci levels on price swings using the zigzag indicator. Here is how it works:

  1. The zigzag settings determine which price swing is used for the Fibonacci indicator. 
  2. It then plots the Fibonacci levels for both buys (blue lines) and sells (red lines).
  3. These levels represent targets for trade setups. 

The indicator is created by our partner, Mislav Nikolic, who is also the creator of the Ultima EA

All targets levels offered by Bullseye are plotted automatically on the chart, which is an indicator for MetaTrader4 (MT4) platform. The indicator also shows historically levels from the past. A must have for Fib fans. Very practical and valuable tool for anyone looking for a precise targeting method. 

This tool is a great combination with ecs.SWAT method and is the newest tool that is used in SWAT trading.

Important Notice:
This is a protected indicator, after purchase you’d need to provide your MT4 Account Number & Name. The indicator will be compiled and send to your within 3 working days.