? Ultima EA Closes Doors in 2 Weeks ?

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Dear traders,

the Ultima EA will soon not be offered anymore in its current form. Two weeks from now, starting on Monday 17 February 2020, the Ultima EA will be temporarily closed and be replaced by a waiting list.

The Ultima EA is a 100% fully automated trading system that is partly based on SWAT methods. It has a live track record of 7 months (+122% profit) and more than 7 years of back testing completed.

The Current Module

The Ultima EA has been offered at very favourable terms. This included: 

  • No upfront costs
  • No payments unless profits are made
  • Low minimum deposit of $100
    • Why $100? Less than $100 makes the risk management too volatile as the minimum lot size remains 1 micro (0.01).

These are the 2 mains reasons for offering Ultima EA at this friendly rate:

  1. Although we have a decent live track record and lengthy back testing stats, it is still relatively short and new. 
  2. Plus part of our audience has been already waiting for the new EA for quite a while.

Till When Can I Join?

The current module is a special offer for a limited time. The Ultima EA was first offered at the beginning of January… It will close its doors on Monday 17 February 2020. 

The Ultima EA will then be temporarily unavailable for a while. The only way to join will be to join the waiting list. At a yet to be determined moment, the Ultima EA will be offered again as a rental but with different conditions.

Traders that want to secure their spot with the Ultima EA under the current conditions will need to open an account with a supported broker before Tuesday 18 Feb 2020.

Traders must also fund their account before Tuesday 3 March 2020 with a minimum deposit.

How Can I Find More Information?

We have several articles that explain more about Ultima EA. 

Here is a summary:

To open an account, visit our Ultima EA page or open an account with FXDD directly.

Join Ultima EA here!

Many green pips,
Elite CurrenSea

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