Ultima EA

Automated and verified trading with zero hassle & upfront costs by Mislav Nikolic.

Risk Warning: Remember financial trading is highly speculative & may lead to the loss of your funds.

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Fully Automated
Fund your account & let our software run the game.
Award Winning
Based on Chris Svorcik's SWAT - a simple wave & fibs trading.
MetaTrader Solution
Avalible via one of the most well-rounded trading platforms.
Live Trading Record
Live since 2019, the EA is up more than +250% at a medium risk of 3% per setup.
Unbiased Backtesting
Adherence to a golden standard of 99.9% modelling accuracy and real variable spreads.
Low Risk Trading
Even at 5% risk, the drawdown is minimal when compared to reward.

What’s Ultima?

The Ultima EA is a fully automated trading system for the Forex market using the MetaTrader4 platform. The Expert Advisor (EA) is based on a trending strategy and takes care of entries, exits (always using TP and SL), and trade management. Ultima uses dynamic price swings, automated Fibonacci targets, and breakout rules and filters to create small losing streaks and big equity boasts. The win rate is about 55-60%.

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Backtesting Performance

Results with 5% risk per trade

PairDurationRelative drowdownRewardAll trades
EUR/USD 15 min2017-201916%3,967%Full Statement
EUR/USD 1 Hour2014-201845%241%Full Statement
GBP/USD 1 Hour2014-201830%1,421%Full Statement
  • All run with a 99% model accuracy
  • Five Years of Backtesting
  • Yearly Account growth of nearly 10000%

Live Performance

  • Live since the beginning of 2019
  • Verified Trading
  • Trading mostly EUR/USD 15 min chart

At the moment we are only offering 15 min trading but we will think about adding more pairs in time.

Select Your Rental Option

UEA Plus
Premium Support, Dedicated VPS, Management & Maintenance.
UEA Year
Trading the EA with 1 account for 1 year, 24/5 Email Support
UEA 6 Months
Trading the EA with 1 account for half year, 24/5 Email Support.

How to Join

Rent Ultima EA
Go through the checkout process to access a member area with further instructions.
Lets us assemble an EA
Give us up to 24 business hours (excluding weekends) to compile a unique MT4 EA file for you.
Setup an EA
Add an EA to your MT4/VPS or let us configure it your behalf (requires MT4 investor credentials).
Let UEA Trade Automatically
Make sure your account is funded, EA trading is supported by a broker & let it run 24/7.

Remember, this is an automated solution and requires either MT4 or VPS to run 24/7. Unless, going for Ultima EA Plus the sole responsibility on managing the EA stable work is completely on you.

Supported Brokers

Trading Platform:
MT4, MT4 NexGen
Max Leverage:
FX, CFDs, Bitcoin
Min. deposit:
Open an account

We offer 15% Discount on Ultima EA Plus to all sponsored brokers clients. Reach us out via chat for more info on joining.

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Early Reviews

Thought it was a scam. But still deposited $1k (05.02.2020) and to my surprise currently (16.02.2020) the balance of the account is 2+k. The elitecurrensea.com team is great, offers transparency, sincerity and support.
Ultima EA is a great trading tool introduced by Elite Currensea. The profits are really great. I doubled my account within 4 weeks time. The Ecs guys are transparent about everything pertaining to the Ultima EA tool (i.e. risk, potential return, methodology etc.).
Joined the Ultima revolution on day one. Small enough Capital. Last week alone, over 100% yes, you read it right, over 100% ALL GAIN. It’s fantastic.I have not yet learned to live easy with it. I am terrified it could all end suddenly, but, I know that when I become comfortable with the Ultima System, it will deliver to me, the last remaining ambition I have in life. So far, it is proving to do everything it said it would and more.
Rzeszów, Poland
I use ULTIMA EA since mid January 2020 so I was lucky to double my account within very short period of time. Looking at backtests it is obvious that long-term system is very profitable. Very good money management - sytem risks only 5% of capital. As the account increases each subsequent positions are larger. When there is a strong trend, system opens several positions and is pyramiding profits. Just need to be patient. It is a key in Forex. Good luck to everyone! I strongly recommend using Ultima!

Some of the reviews have been modified for gramma and spelling. You can find full original reviews (plus some more) on our FPA page.


Is there a minimum starting capital?
Not for Ultima. Traders can start with any amount of capital as long as the broker allows it.
Does my MT4 need to be online or do I need have a VPS
Yes, although we you can rent our server if you choose the UEA Plus package.
Can I choose the risk per setup?
Yes, you can control the risk management.
Can I stop trading at any moment?
Yes, you fully control your account. The EA runs on your MT4 (MetaTrader4) platform and account, which means you can stop or pause the EA at any moment.
When can I evaluate the EA?
We recommend traders to check the results every month or quarter but do not get alarmed if one period does not make profit. This system is looking for long-term growth and is aiming for larger wins. Patience is needed to see the long-term impact. We therefore recommend traders to let the EA run for at least a year before making any long-term decisions such as adding or removing capital. Always choose a level of capital that you feel comfortable with losing and that you feel comfortable with trading for a year without stress.
How does the strategy work?
Not to reverse engineer the EA for you ?, we are happy to disclose that the strategy works with Fibonacci, moving averages, ecs.WIZZ tool, and price swings. Its goal is wait for a trend, shallow pullback, and confirmed continuation before entering the market based on a pending order. Multiple entries are allowed. The EA will change the targets depending on the price swings and will move the trail stop loss when the price has moved enough. It is a dynamic strategy.
Can I take manual trades or make manual decisions for the Ultima EA?
In theory yes. But we think that creating a dedicated account for the EA provides more clarity about its long-term performance.
Why do you only trade it on the EUR/USD 15 min chart?
The results are the best on this currency pair and time frame. We are trading other time frames and currencies too. The results are also positive on GBP/USD 15 min, GBP/UD 60 min, EUR/JPY 60 min and EUR/USD 60 min charts for instance. But the results are by far the best on the EUR/USD 15min... and the low draw-down allows us to trade the EUR/USD 15min with the maximum risk per setup of 5%. The cumulative profits with the 5% per setup allow us to grow account quickly. We prefer this approach the most but we are actively monitoring other currency pair and time frame combinations and we might change our approach in the future if needed.
Is it possible to use Ultima EA for a fund or with friends?
In short, NO. Ultima is meant for individual use only. We offer multiple licenses, lucrative affiliate terms, as well as partnership agreement of 20% of the revenue share from your fund profit activity. Reach us out if you need more info on any of the above.