A collection of simple, semi-automated strategies and tools, which are ideal for intra-day/week traders of all skill levels. 

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MetaTrader Solutions
Indicators and templates built for the MT4 platform. Lifetime software support.
Lifetime Access
Benefits of a continuously evolving method that keeps up with the changing market structure.
Multitude of Markets
Trade a wide range of instruments, including 25+ Currencies, commodities, indices & cryptos.
Intra-Day/Week Setups
Camarilla indicator, fibonacci sequences, money management, and access to the community.
Video Tutorials & Webinars
Core theory merged with practical methodology and several webinars/videos per week.
Mentoring & Support
Direct line of communication with Nenad Kerkez via email, IM & Premium Webinars.

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All methods in one + six months of setup via ecs.LIVE.
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Hello Traders

I trade, teach and develop methodologies. The CAMMACD system being the work of my life. My work has been picked up and recognised by such trading communities as Forex Factory, FXStreet, Fxempire, – some going as far as to award my contributions as the best FXStreet video podcast speaker, best FXStreet analyst, and Best Education program creator by an UK Forex Awards.

Nenad Kerkez aka. Tarantula

On top of all the goodies you’ll get

Simple methods & tools

Reliable price action and software based solution.

Thanks to cammacd.CORE & cammacd.LOA the solution’s semi-automated mechanics, the methodology is suitable for both full time and part time traders, meanwhile cammacd.SCALP’s software shines in the areas where speed and precision are decisive.

Wizz target levels

Spot the wide open spaces on the chart that most traders can only dream of.

Quickly find the best spots for trend trading, while receiving alerts if the the market are still consolidating with the help of Fibonacci sequence levels.

The Wizz levels offer reliable targets for exiting trades and practical confluence with other CAMMACD tools. The quote “let your winners run and cut your losses short” is famous but very few trading experts explain how to implement this tip in real trading and on live charts. Wizz does an excellent job of letting winners run as much as they can and we make sure you understand it in seconds.

Risk management

Risk and trade management setups:

  • Risk management: tackle risks as a grown up
  • Trade management plan: exit trades on time
  • Money management: understand risk to reward ration (R:R) and the art of take profits and stop losses

Proprietary indicators & tools

Lifetime access to our world class software.

Nenad’s famous Camarilla indicator shows key support and resistance levels, as well as a accurate targets. It is fully automated and even shows critical levels of one time-frame higher, which adds a practical dimension. This makes ecs.Camarilla an excellent indicator for:

ecs.ARROWS, ecs.ATR, ecs.BANDS, and of course, the famous Camarilla indicator, will automatically draw key support and resistance levels, as well as a accurate targets on multiple time frames. The MT4 based software are fully automated which it excellent for:

  • Market market entries and exits
  • Spotting support and resistance.
  • Finding quality targets.
  • Quickly placing stop losses.

You get a lifetime support. The updates will be distributed via email, keep your eyes pilled!

Live trading

Temporary access to ecs.CAMMACD live trading sessions:

To cement the knowledge, you’ll have the access to live trading either via complimentary access to ecs.LIVE or broader scope weekly live trading sessions – the best place and time to engage with Nenad and the rest of the class.

CAMMACD Client reviews

At start I averaged around 2% - 2.5% monthly. However, since the major upgrade experience in trading CAMMACD and live setups is fantastic. The rules for trading are clear as the system is semi-automated.
Five star education and live trade service .CAMMACD setups on the Telegram channel is free money. ecs.LIVE service is great and CAMMACD is making me a lot of pips
I am using CAMMACD and the fact that last week we had 9 out of 9 trades positive is saying it all!Happy Trading and Regards from the Super Happy Member of ecs.LIVE.
They not just sell you some instrument or service - they support you while you're trading and when you need advice. I'm trading with ECS more than year already and definitely will continue!
Nenad is simply excellent. He knows very good trading psychology, witch is for me most important thing in trading, beside technical and fundamental knowledge and feeling. He plays with open cards - not afraid of showing loosing trades!!