Trading Journal: +2.16 ROI in a Good Trading Week

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tarantula fx

tarantula fx

Head of Trading

Dear traders,

We had another winning week. The total result for ecs.LIVE service for the previous week was 5 wins and only 3 losses adding up to a total of -9 pips and +2.16% return thanks to great money management.

We continue with winning trades and setups.

5 Wins & 3 Losses with a Total of -9 Pips

We have had a negative pip count but the outcome was actually positive due to great money management. Total return was +2.16 % and we have scored another win. Here is the screenshot of MyFXbook account.

Due to the specific risk portfolio of each trader, I urge you to take a look at our SpreadSheet where I have been thoroughly writing down each trade I send in the Telegram channel.

Trade Summary

1 June 14 GBP/JPY Long 154.55 0.50 Win 60
2 June 15 GBP/CAD Long 1.7135 0.50 Win 14
3 June 15 GOLD Long 1866 0.50 Loss -140
4 June 16 GBP/JPY Short 155.3 1.50 Win 42
5 June 17 GBP/USD Long 1.3975 0.50 Loss -30
6 June 17 GOLD Long 1770 0.50 Win 70
7 June 18 GOLD Short 1786 0.50 Loss -60
8 June 14 GBP/CHF Long 1.2735 1.00 Win 35
9 June 11 GBP/JPY Long 154.55 0.50 Win 60

Trade of the Week: GOLD

As usual the trade of the week was GOLD. 70 pips has been made with 0.5 % risk.

To get a much deeper understanding of the Black Widow please read this article. You can get both the live trading setups and CAMMACD system that generates them via our website.

Cheers and safe trading,

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