4 Wins Explained with ecs.SWAT Strategy

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Hi Traders,

Tarantula and Chris have just released a new Forex trading strategy that is based on the Accu Pivot Point (PP) indicator. The strategy therefore has the name Accu PP strategy. Here are some details regarding Accu PP:

  1. What is used in the strategy?

    Besides the PP, the strategy uses a couple of moving averages and a multiple time frame indicator that shows the trends on the 1 hour and 4 hour world.
    Japanese candle stick charts are used and it’s traded on the 5 min chart.

  2. What type of strategy is it?

    It capitalizes on with the trend breakouts and has a sweet and simple feel to it.
    The strategy has been released on our website this week and you can find out more information HERE.

  3. What type of trades did you make recently?

    This week short on EURJPY +37 pips, GBPJPY short +41 pips, USDJPY +30 pips, and GBPJPY +54 pips.
    Here above and below are the screenshots of all 4 setups. (the screenshot shows different indicators than the strategy uses)

  4. How can I trade this strategy as well?

    You can trade it by going to this LINK that has ALL the details.- CLICK HERE 

Thanks and good trading!

Ps. video:

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