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Dear Traders,

although we offer occasional help with our webinars and analysis, the market moves fast and changes very quickly. In many cases, traders are left on their own as they face important decisions about new or old trades.

Today marks an important day for us at Elite CurrenSea because Nenad and I (Chris) will start to offer more live support than ever before (on top of the free analysis we already offer).

We will call this extra support: ecs.LIVE. And yes, it includes setups from our ecs.CAMMACD and ecs.SWAT setups!

This article explains our new ecs.LIVE service but this article also discusses that similarities and differences in the trading methods of Nenad and Chris, why simple trading systems are very limited, how Chris and Nenad actually trade, and we share some of the recent success stories of our ecs.CAMMACD and ecs.SWAT traders.

Above all, make sure to check out and try our 2 week trial for ecs.LIVE.

NEW: Our A to Z Support: ecs.LIVE

Our ecs.CAMMACD and ecs.SWAT offer both 1) an educational course and 2) a trading system. But we also realise that traders need more practical support on a daily basis.

This is why we started with our free live analysis videos twice a week. But even this really only helps for a while before the market changes.

This is when we realised that traders probably learn the most and the quickest with multiple daily updates and support from us. We decided to start with live analysis and trade setups (called ecs.LIVE).

Our ecs.LIVE is different from our trading systems because LIVE offers continuous live help with analysing the Forex and other markets.

It emphasizes the translation of theory into practice.

Our LIVE package includes:

  • Ecs.CAMMACD trade setups (5 per week)
  • Ecs.SWAT trade setups (2-10 per week)
  • Twice daily market videos
  • Multiple updates per day with technical analysis and setups
  • 11 instruments per week with wave analysis
  • Live market and educational webinars (3 per week)
  • Webinar recordings
  • Access to our forum and support
  • Review of Forex and other financial markets

The good news is that we will start very soon, on Monday 23 October 2017.

Even better news is that everyone gets a 2 week free trial!

Do not miss out on this great opportunity. Join the waiting list to get an update as soon as we go live with ecs.LIVE.


How Nenad and Chris Share the Same Methodology

Many traders think that Nenad and I (Chris) use totally different systems. This might come as a surprise to some of you, but our trading approaches are actually based on the same principles and methods (of course there a few differences).

First, let’s discuss what we share in common before we discuss some of the minor distinctions.

Nenad and I both developed trading systems that are based on market structure, which consists of the following 3 aspects:

  • Support and Resistance (S&R)
  • Trend and Momentum
  • Price Patterns

We both use the market structure to analyse the charts and enter the market. Nenad and I also use many of the same patterns like chart patterns, candlestick patterns, and Fibonacci patterns to analyse the sentiment of the market.

What is the Magic behind ecs.SWAT and ecs.CAMMACD?

The building blocks of market structure are based on two simple patterns:

  • Impulse (momentum): quick price action
  • Correction: slow, choppy price action

Basically impulsive and corrective price action are like the heartbeat or rhythm of the market. They help explain the price movements with more clarity and they allow traders to analyse the charts with more precision.

For instance, look at the chart below. The EUR/USD is showing a falling wedge chart pattern within a larger daily uptrend and it has bounced at a key 23.6% Fibonacci. The price shows bullish momentum followed by a choppy bearish correction (purple arrows). Just knowing this simple and basic information provides us with very valuable information:

  • A bullish breakout trade looks well setup.
  • A bearish reversal trade does (now) not look interesting.

Some traders might total miss out on that simple pattern. In fact, traders are often confused about price movements when they do not know about momentum or correction because:

  • They wonder why price is moving sideways just after their entry.
  • They are confused when price all of a sudden accelerates.

The most important aspect of understanding charts is price patterns and ‘market structure’. Not only impulsive or corrective patterns, but chart patterns, Fibonacci patterns, breakout patterns and wave patterns. Understanding market structure is all about connecting patterns in the larger context of trend, support and resistance.

We both agree that trading is best done with this proper approach and analysis.

Why Simple Trading Systems are Limited

Many trading systems are based on oversimplified indicator combinations, which might work well for a while but do not show traders how to trade on their own two feet. These systems are shortcuts that really do not offer traders much guidance and support for understanding how to do proper charting.

The main danger is that traders are clueless when the market sentiment changes. So when this system starts to fail, it will become useless and traders will have no idea how to continue after that.

The vast majority of the trading systems are trying to find a small niche within the market structure, rather than teaching you how to trade the market structure itself.


Well, trading patterns and market structure does require some training and effort.

The first major problem for traders is recognising and identifying patterns correctly. Then the second obstacle is how to actually trade those patterns.

Usually traders need years of experience before they can successfully master market structure and pattern trading. Technical analysis is, in many ways, similar to a language. It takes time to learn it well, but there are infinite more options available once you know a language well.

The same applies to trading the markets. Basically, Nenad and I want traders to understand the charts with more depth and insight.

The good news is that with our ecs.SWAT and ecs.CAMMACD system you can expect:

  • A massive shortcut in the learning curve from years to weeks or months..
  • A simple translation of market structure and patterns into a step-by-step system.

Both systems are really about trading price patterns and market structure while cutting the learning curve down substantially.

How do Nenad and Chris Actually Trade?

Although we both analyse the market structure and patterns in a similar way, we do not have the same trading approach. For instance, I also add wave patterns to my analysis (but I should add that I only use waves as a supporting tool, not for entry and exit decisions).

Although we both use support and resistance, Nenad prefers using his Camarilla Pivot indicator whereas I probably use Fibonacci levels a bit more.

Last but not least, our systems have different entries:

  1. Nenad’s CAMMACD(™) system leans more on price patterns and retracement setups using pending orders.
  2. My SWAT system is more focused on impulsive and corrective (wave) patterns and breakouts using market orders.

The CAMMACD system is Nenad’s signature trading method, based on among others the indicators Camarilla Pivot Points and MACD. It is extremely accurate yet efficient and simple at the same time. His method has multiple trading systems built in, ranging from scalping to intra-day to swing trades.

The SWAT system is based on Simple Wave Analysis and Trading. It was developed by Chris over multiple years and focuses on trading waves without needing to know the wave structure. It is therefore also very suitable for non-wave traders as the main aspects are moving averages and patterns.

Basically, both of our systems use the market structure and price patterns but they emphasize different styles. This is not a problem, because the market structure is a vast terrain and the chart offers countless different roads.

Nenad and I realised that there is even a better and faster way for traders to improve: direct and live help with analysis and trade setups. This is when the idea for ecs.LIVE was born.


The Success of our Followers and ECS Traders

We receive regular praise from our ecs.CAMMACD traders, ecs.SWAT traders and our followers, but recently there has been a spike. We are very grateful for all of the positive feedback and are happy that we can play a positive role in their development as a trader. We want to help traders reach their own goals, whether its independence, more freedom, extra income for their family, hobbies, etc.

First let’s start with an email from JC, who took both the SWAT and CAMMACD course. He is very happy with both styles and wrote us the following about CAMMACD:

“Just a quick note to congratulate you on the CAMMACD course, it’s really excellent and well presented. I’ve been concentrating on the trend and counter trend modules at the moment in an attempt to plot the POC zones and I’m amazed at how effective it is!!

I usually check the charts just after 10pm my time, that’s NY close, when the levels reset for the next day and I plot zones on about 6-8 pairs, and when price gets there it reacts 90% of the time!! Amazing!!”

SWAT traders are also very exciting and quickly seeing success. Even traders with less than 1 year experience are seeing good win rates.

Here are just a few examples:

  • A trader from New Zealand with only 6 months of experience managed to make his first income from SWAT earning a 6% return.
  • Croatian trader managed to make a gain of 722 pips profit in his first two weeks.
  • A trader using the Wizz tool made 44.9% in September.
  • And one of our newest SWAT traders took his first trade earlier this week and made a nice +60 pip win right away on his first setup with GBP/AUD.

Not only ECS traders are happy with our help. Also traders using our free analysis, webinars and articles have shown their gratitude, which we in turn appreciate a lot. Just this week we had several people tweet and email, here are a few.

So there is nothing to lose, or to risk.

Try our 2 week free trial for ecs.LIVE.

We start on Monday 23 October 2017.

See you soon in the member’s area!

Many Green Pips,

Nenad Kerkez

Chris Svorcik




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