The Importance of Exits & Trade Details on GU, EU & AU Wins

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The recap proved to be another successful webinar with profitable trade setups. I am very happy that many traders made good pips with my trade ideas and trade calls. The best trade was the GBPUSD long setup: it went for a +150 pip gain and is an awesome example of a swing trade. Please take a look at the screenshot where you will see the time of the webinar, entry, stop loss and target.

2015 01 GU

The other trade setups on the EURUSD and AUDUSD were also good trades. They did not reach the full targets but they did offer plenty of profit potential. Especially with intra-day trades we need to be quick on our feet and grab the profits. We cannot be overly patient otherwise the market will turn on us and hit our stop loss. In that case we end up with a loss instead of a win–not good. We must keep an eye on candle stick patterns and take the profits if the market turns against us before our target is hit.

2015 01 AU
Many traders do not focus on the importance of exits. A trade setup on a 5 minute chart could have been good 3 hours ago, but the market environment changes tremendously after 7-10 candles. The same is valid for a setup taken on a daily chart nearly 2 trading months ago (same number of bars as 3 hours on a 5 minute chart). Always remember that the market environment is a living organism and that the probabilities of a setup succeeding constantly change.

Many green pips,

2015 01 EU