4 Winning Forex Trades Explained Beforehand in Live Webinar

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Hi traders,

This is Chris with the trades mentioned during my live webinar at Admiral Market’s webinar on the 2nd of June 2015. Make sure to check out the live trading webinars on Tuesday and Wednesday via this link!

EURUSD LONG #1: +80 / +160 pips (mentioned as an alternative to trade #2 in webinar). This trade was looking for a strong 4 hour candle close after which a Fibonacci retracement could be placed on the 4 hour candle (magenta Fibonacci retracement). The bounce was strong and headed immediately towards the 2 targets identified prior to the webinar at the -61.8 and -161.8 targets.

EURUSD LONG #2: +109 pips (taken myself). This trade was the break of the range and was aiming to capture the biggest part of the bullish momentum. A trail stop loss was used to lock in profit as price rallied into potential strong layer of resistance .

3- 6- 2015 eu 1

AUDUSD LONG +48 pips. Was hunting for a long at the 50% Fib or lower but price bounced at a shallow 38.2% Fib and took de break of the 15min fractal for a breakout trade to the upside. I used a trail stop loss on a lower time frame to exit at the -27.2% Fibonacci target.

3- 6- 2015 au

EURJPY LONG +72 pips. EURJPY was breaking an ascending wedge on the lower time frames and was in an uptrend on the higher time frames. I used a mental trail but decided to wait a bit before eventually closing for +72. To my sadness the EURJPY pushed for another 100 (!) pips but you can’t grab the all 😉

3- 6- 2015 ej

GBPAUD SHORT +52 pips. My plan in the webinar was to wait for the hook back after the break of the support (green lines) on both lower and higher time frames (not visible here). The 61.8% Fibonacci was where price turned back to the downside and I took the break of the counter trend line (dark green). I closed the trades relatively quickly as it was intended as a quick hit and run.

3- 6- 2015 ga

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