+17% with Ultima System and Multiple EA Updates

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Dear traders,

the increased market volatility has not yet been able to stop Ultima EA’s winning streak.

Mislav Nikolic’s dynamic trading system remained in positive territory in the past 4 weeks, although there were less trading setups than average. 

This article not only reviews the Ultima EA performance, but will also share new updates about the Ultima EA’s development and partnerships. One of the key announcements is that Elite CurrenSea and Mislav are teaming up with a new broker (soon to be announced!).

Ultima EA: +17% Gain in 4 Weeks

The market turmoil due to the spread of the Covid 19 was widespread with massive repercussions for many stock markets. In a scramble for cash, most assets weakened substantially with the exception of Gold. XAU/USD managed to continue its uptrend but with some nasty pullbacks here and there.

The volatility was also immense in the Forex market. The GBP/USD tumbled from 1.32 to 1.15 in a 1,700 pip free fall. The EUR/USD made large spikes and reversals on a continuous basis. Despite the hazardous conditions, the Ultima EA from Mislav Nikolic managed to avoid losses and book solid gains. 

Here are our stats of our main account using 3% risk per setup:

  • Total profit February 2020: +98.99%
  • Total profit March 2020: +9.82%
  • First 2 weeks in April 202: +7.46%

The new stats since our last Ultima EA update:

  • Total gain: +17%.
  • Total net pips: +300 pips.
  • 7 setups:  2 wins, 2 break even setups, and 3 losses.

Not bad when considering the fact that lots of assets are deep in the red. 

The number of setups were significantly lower because the Ultima EA trading system uses a refined filter for avoiding high volatile markets:

  • Usual average is 1 trade setup per trading day (20 per month)
  • Last weeks offered 0.34 trade setup per trading day (7 in 4 weeks)

Trade Discrepancies with Ultima EA Renters

Some Ultima EA renters might have had more or less trade setups. Keep in mind that this is possible and normal. Small differences in the number of trade setups is likely because price levels can vary per broker.

Why do price differences matter? Some of the rules that Mislav Nikolic developed require very precise pullback and breakouts before a trade setup qualifies. Because of that precision, some trade setups might qualify whereas other trades would not.

Does it impact the long-term expected results? There is hardly or very little expected difference in the long run. The differences average out. One trader might miss a trade in March but the other might miss one in April. The totals are usually about the same. 

Use VPS for Improved Results

Mislav Nikolic, the Ultima EA creator, is recommending traders not to choose the VPS from their broker. It is cheap but the quality is usually far from desired. For instance, there are often way too many disconnections or “offline” time. This increases the chance that trade setups are missed, which undermines the long-term expectancy. 

Traders are advised to rent a dedicated VPS, either on their own or via Mislav Nikolic if they want to replicate the kind of success that we see on our own accounts. Using a free and cheap VPS could seriously undermine the quality and expected results. 

Another key issue is their broker choice. Of course, traders should choose their broker wisely. The main goal is to choose a broker with low costs, small slippage, and good execution speed.

Next Home / Broker for Ultima EA MAM

Some traders have joined the Ultima EA already in January and February 2020 when the EA was offered as a profit sharing module. All traders have been informed that we decided to work with a different broker at the end of March.

We are now working on the final details. Soon we expect to announce the new broker. Stay tuned for the announcement on the Elite CurrenSea blog!

Installing the Newest Ultima EA Version (1.172)

Here are the main steps to keep in mind:

  1. Uninstall Ultima EA (when there are no active trades) – follow procedure from manual, page 5
  2. Install the newest version from the installer in the member’s area of the ECS site.
  3. Send an email to contact@bull-capital.com and ask for keys for the new installer. (use same email as with who you registered)
  4. Install Ultima EA
  5. Attach Ultima15 on EU 15 min, and Ultima1 on 1h. Ultima15demo and Ultima1demo go on demo accounts.

The above steps are valid for the Ultima EA version before 1.172 (EUR/USD) or 2.172 (GBP/USD).

If your version is 1.172 or 2.172 or older, then the installer has been upgraded. New customers will only need to uninstall and there is no need for manual deletion of files anymore.

View the Manual and Course

Do not forget that the Ultima manual offers all of this information and more. You can download the manual in the member’s area. It also includes multiple videos that take you step-by step through the various options. 

If you are not a member yet, consider joining the Ultima EA now

Our members are more than thrilled: “… Fact remains that this is the best piece of automated ART I have seen in my 7 yrs of trading. The fact it didn’t open a trade for 3 weeks told me a lot. Most people blew their accounts. Many people lost their life savings. This EA just sat quiet. Again..RESPECT!”

Wish you good trading,
Mislav Nikolic, Ultima EA creator
Chris Svorcik, Elite CurrenSea

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