Mislav Nikolic

Mislav Nikolic

I’v got into trading, after meeting Nenad Kerkez on a seminar – back in 2016, Nenad has already been an established trader, his passion and attitude have inspired me to finally consider trading seriously.

Later in 2017, I worked with Chris on ecs.LIVE, and grew keen on his methods. His knowledge has later became integral in development of my first fully automated trading system.

You can reach me out for lectures, consultation on software development, as well as mentorship.

SWAT (LIVE 1mnth)
Simple Wave Analysis & Research with a month of complimentary setups & research.
ecs.LIVE 6 Months
With ecs.LIVE 6 months you get, daily Telegram setups based on SWAT & CAMMACD trading
ecs.LIVE 1 Month
With ecs.LIVE you get, daily Telegram setups based on SWAT & CAMMACD trading methods

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June 2, 2018

3 Step Voyage in Becoming a Successful Forex Trader

Mislav Nikolic
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