Trading Journal: Black Widow Scores 132 Pips In the Net 🕸

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Nenad Kerkez

Nenad Kerkez

Head of Trading

Dear traders,

Black Widow continues to reign. Despite the internet problems which I had with one trade (my internet connection was cut off), the outcome last week was once again positive.

Let’s review the stats and the trade of the week with the highly awaited Black Widow.

6-Week Trading Result: 49 Wins 11 Losses

The Black Widow system gave us – both myself and traders who subscribed to our ecs.LIVE service – nice gains. The week has given us a total of 132 net pips. 

This is the summary of our trades with the ecs.LIVE channel group. Even the first EUR/AUD trade would have been a win if I moved my SL to +20 pips of profit. Here is the table:

1Sep 21GBP/CADLong1.7010.5 % riskWin20
2Sep 21AUD/NZDShort1.0830.5 % riskWin15
3Sep 22GBP/CADShort1.7040.5 % riskWin35
4Sep 22GBP/USDShort1.280.5 % riskWin30
5Sep 23AUD/USDLong0.7130.5 % riskLoss-32
6Sep 23AUD/NZDShort1.08050.5 % riskWin20
7Sep 23AUD/NZDShort1.07960.5 % riskWin17
8Sep 23GBP/CHFShort1.07750.5 % riskWin25
9Sep 24EUR/AUDShort1.6540.5 % riskLoss-45
10Sep 24EUR/NZDShort1.7841 % riskWin25
11Sep 24NZD/CADShort0.87760.5 % riskWin22


As you can see, 9 out of 11 trades are winners. Have in mind that this is purely intra day trading system which has algo based indicators. The extreme accuracy is the main feature of the Black Widow.

This is the Black Widow system which has been completely custom coded with the help of our coder Carlos Cordero. I have summarized a bit of each system into the Black Widow™ making it completely suitable for both trending and ranging market conditions. 

Here is the screenshot of the new Black Widow live account and you can follow it here.

Due to the specific risk portfolio of each trader, I urge you to take a look at our SpreadSheet where I have been thoroughly writing down each trade I send in the Telegram channel.

Black Widow Trade of the Week

The best trade was GBP/CAD. It was an excellent trade, scoring 35 pips with our trade management. The final pip count was even higher but as Black Widow likes to trap the profits and secure them once they are made! 2 out of 3 TF indicators have been aligned after the Black Widow reverse signal and we scored a nice win here.

The main difference from previous systems is that entries, targets and stops are dynamic, which means that we might change stops and targets once we take the trade. The basic premise is taken from the market conditions which have changed a lot due to the biggest crisis since the GFC.

Black Widow Next Generation is Here

To get a much deeper understanding of the Black Widow please read this article.

I also made a webinar where the Black Widow was presented. I think you might find it interesting. We have uploaded it to our YouTube channel.

The Black Widow uses custom coded indicators to measure both trend and volatility of the markets. We know exactly where the markets will reverse thanks to our exclusive combo of camarilla pivots and ATR levels (Reverse indicator). 

We also use the custom coded 3 MTF indicators for trend and range filtering. The system is algo-powered and this means that you can take high accuracy trades during both range and trends. 

If you are more interested in the Black Widow and our live trading setups check out our website

Cheers and safe trading,

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