Webinar Recording Is Now Available with Ultima Automated System

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Dear traders,

Recently we had a live webinar where we answered all of the questions about the Ultima EA, our SWAT based automated trading system for the Forex market.

We wanted to inform our audience and followers that the webinar recording is now available, in case you missed the webinar or want to see it again.

This article explains how you can see the recording and sign-up and trade with the automated system for free due to our profit share module.

Webinar Explains Ultima EA

The event took place on Thursday the 9th of January 2020.

The live webinar answers a ton of live questions from traders and also explains the performance and strategy behind the Ultima EA, which is an automated trading system in the Forex market.

The trading strategy comes at no upfront costs and fees and we only use a profit sharing module, which means that the Elite CurrenSea team only earns when you earn… Win-win for all.

In the webinar we discussed many topics such as:

  • What is the Ultima EA
  • Our live trading results
  • Our backtesting results and process
  • How to sign up and start
  • Profit division module with no upfront costs
  • FAQ

You can lock in your life long spot with the Ultima EA (as long as you trade at least 10 months a year) by signing up or visiting the Ultima page.

More Details on the Ultima EA

The webinar recording will explain all of the details… But here is a quick insight into the EA:

  • Ultima is an Expert Advisor for the MT4 (MetaTrader 4) platform
  • It is a fully automated trading system
  • Entries, exits, manages trades in Forex market
  • Decades of back testing completed with 99.9% modeling accuracy
  • Live trading is ongoing since June 2019 with about eur 32,000
  • The EA has no costs or fees and works on profit share basis only

Unanswered Questions from Live Webinar

A couple of questions remained unanswered during the webinar because we are not 100% sure and wanted to double check.

Question #1 from the audience: does FXDD have negative balance protection?

Answer #1: Yes. Please check the FXDD regulation page for more information.

Question #2 from the audience: are profits divided below the equity high?

Answer #2: No. We use a high-water mark approach, which means that no performance is paid below the peak of the equity – only above. So if your peak of the account was $1500, but now its $1000. Then your account goes to $2000. Then the profit is $500 (2000-1500), not $1000 (2k-1k).

Question #3 from the audience: do I need to subscribe to ECS before joining Ultima EA via FXDD broker?

Answer #3: No. You do not need to be an email subscriber and/or a paid member of the Elite CurrenSea website. To start trading Ultima EA, you can just simply open up an account with FXDD via our link and adds funds to the account. There is one advantage though if you are both ECS email subscriber and account owner at FXDD, because we offer a small video course on Ultima with PDF that explains what to expect.

Question #4: Alleged withdrawal issues, as well as a generally poor rating on FPA

Prior to starting the partnership with FXDD our Business Developer, Mykyta Barabanov have personally met with FXDD’s members of the Dealing Desk to ensure that, in the scope of Ultima EA, ECS clients will all get:

  • A trading environment (conditions, and execution) mimicking the one Ultima EA has been running on a live account since Dec 2019

  • No issues with deposits/withdrawals, as long as ECS customers comply with the standard account opening requirements.

As for the state of the FPA ranking, FXDD’s representative claimed that the broker has become a victim of a negative reputation campaign by some of the business adverserise.

Since running Ultima EA on FXDD’s platform, we personally haven’t experienced any issues that would interfere with Ultimas’ performance.

Question 5: Length of account approvals, many waiting 3-6 days already this week without any reaction.

The official date of Ultima EA start on FXDD platform was set before, we started onboarding clients to FXDD. We have underestimated your interest and therefore, have put extra burden on FXDD support, while it wasn’t fully available in the face of unexpected demand from our audience. The issue has been resolved now, you account should be approved much faster. Thank you and sorry for not delivering the most seamless experience.

Question 6: Why I am receiving an email in Japanese?

Technical issue on the side of FXDD, if you are still getting the emails in JP, please let us know and feel free to ignore the ones you’ve received before. As long as you have signed an LPOA, you should be ready to start with Ultima EA.

Question 7: may I open up a non-USD account with Ultima EA and FXDD?

Accounts that are following the Ultima EA on FXDD broker must be in US Dollar (USD). If you are planning to deposit a different currency to your account, then there are 2 options:

  1. You can exchange your local currency to USD at the bank before wiring.
  2. You can deposit your local currency on your FXDD account and then exchange the sum into USD via FXDD. There is a 2% fee of your deposit amount.

Check out the recording below and find out much more!

Or join the Ultima EA now.

Good trading,
Elite CurrenSea team

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