Learn How Ultima EA and SWAT Are Connected

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Dear traders,

Are you looking for an EA that is based on solid methods and tools? Many EAs are weak or fake with martingale and extreme hedging “systems” that are unable to create long-term consistency.

Elite CurrenSea decided to change that… We are now offering a SWAT based EA called Ultima, which is an automated trading system.

This article explains why we created the EA, how we did that, and our goals with Ultima.

Our Mission with Ultima

Mislav Nikolic and I (Chris Svorcik) are strategy creators and we love building new systems. Using the SWAT methods, our mission was to create fully 100% rules based automated trading systems that offer a medium win rate (50-60%+) with low drawdown low. We wanted a system that can handle higher risk per setup and build up an account. Ultima more than qualified.

Ultima is fully rules based. In fact, the rules are so crystal clear that a human eye is not needed in applying a last filter or decision before entering the markets. This is why Ultima EA is fully automated, it can be strictly traded and applied. No human intervention is needed.

Our goal with Ultima is simple: remove emotions out of the equation via automated trading and increase confidence via lengthy back testing. Ultimately, we want to create more spare time and a passive income stream that could support semi retirement at first and later on full retirement.

Although the key aspect for us is to earn with Ultima ourselves, we think that many people would be interested in trying out our EA too. Many people would like to learn and earn from trading but most are unable to reach their goals due to major constraints… Such as monthly costs, career paths, family responsibilities, lack of capital, etc.

We worked  non-stop to make the system robust and aligned with the market movements. The results are low draw-downs, high win rates, and above all long-term profitable. 

Also keep in mind that the Ultima strategy is sound and very solid, and not some lucky hit. Ultima EA manages to capture price patterns that repeat in a very precise and rules based method. As a Forex trader with more than a decade of experience, I am very excited about the Ultima trading system.

How are Ultima and SWAT connected?

The Ultima automated trading system is partly built on the ideas and concepts behind SWAT. 

For instance, Ultima just like ecs.SWAT uses the 21 ema, the 144 ema, and the ecs.WIZZ tool. So there is a strong connection between the two. 

SWAT is an overall method which offers ways to trade with 3 different approaches:

  1. Discretionary systems
  2. Wave systems
  3. Rules based systems

The Ultima EA shares similarities with SWAT via its use of the same MAs, Wizz, and Fibs but it also includes some unique features and upgrades. 

  1. One of them is a unique Fibonacci targeting tool based on a unique way of finding price swings. 
  2. We also made important upgrades for the Wizz tool and how to use the Wizz tool in a system. 

At the same time, ecs.SWAT members should also be encouraged by Ultima’s performance because it shows how powerful the strategies can be that are using the SWAT tools and methods.

The Process of Creating the Ultima EA

After creating multiple strategies together (before Ultima), our next goal was to setup an automated trading system to test the systems more precisely and to create a longer track record. 

A few of our first strategies did not pass the test when testing them over a long period of time. The Ultima EA, however, did match our goals with flying colors. 

We invested countless hours of analysing, testing, improving, back testing, and live testing… after tons of hard work, we managed to finish the Ultima strategy after almost 1.5 years.

Completing the EA

The results looked very promising so it was time to hire a programmer and put the rules into code. The next phase was surely going to be challenging to complete the EA from A to Z with the help of external programmers…

The process of finding a programmer was not simple. But eventually we found one that was able to complete the work at a decent speed. The first step was to translate the strategy rules into actually programming language that could run an Expert Advisor (EA) as its called on the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform. 

Then the next step was to check the outcome of code and see whether the generated trades indeed matched the strategy rules. This was a very long process because there were many small details that needed to be adjusted before all of the system rules were fully reflected into the EA. The system rules are relatively straight forward but the details made it quite a challenge before we were finally finished.

Countless of hours later, after a ton of work, communication, and changes, we managed to complete the Ultima EA and live testing could start. The backtesting results confirmed the expected results. In fact, they were even way better than we ever imagined. And we were also able to test further back then ever imagined. The data from the EUR/USD and GBP/USD on the 15 minute and 1 hour charts were showing positive results for almost an entire decade. 


Advantages of Ultima EA:

  1. Fully automated trading with entries and exits
  2. Low drawdown levels when compared to profits
  3. Relatively low drawdown levels even with 5% risk per setup
  4. Astronomical profit levels when accumulating the profits (not removing them)
  5. 5 years of back testing on 1 hour charts
  6. 2 years of back testing on 15 min charts
  7. Other currency pairs show good results too, but drawdown is higher
  8. Other years also show good results
  9. Back testing modeling accuracy is 99.9% (!)

Ultima EA does not require any upfront fees or costs at the moment until you make profit (profit sharing module), which means that you only pay when profit is made with Ultima EA (on a monthly basis). 

Not only that but an account has to make a new equity high (compared to the previous peak) before the profits are split. See the image for the structure.

How can you join?

It takes only 3 steps which can be found on the Ultima page too:

  1. Open and verify an ECN account with FXDD Trading via this link
  2. Fill in LPOA (limited power of attorney) form with FXDD Trading
    → write Ultima as trading agent
  3. Fund your account in USD (use risk capital) 

Join Ultima EA now! 
For more information, free analysis, webinars, videos, tools, systems, and methods for trading stocks, cryptos, Forex and options, please check out our website www.EliteCurrenSea.com.

Best Regards
Team of Elite CurenSea

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