Recording of Latest Live Sessions with Chris is now Live

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We are excited to announce the reinvigoration of a time-honored format that has long been a cornerstone of our engagement with you. Last week, our co-founders Chris Svorcik and Mykyta Barabanov orchestrated an fascinating dialogue that warrants your attention.

Topics of Discourse:

  • Unveiled the intricate mechanics behind Flagship News trading, Athena EA, Zeus EA, as well as other experimental Expert Advisors (EAs).
  • Explicated the streamlined process enabling individuals with access to cryptocurrency to invest in our services in under 10 minutes
  • Expounded upon strategies to ambitiously target an annual return of 100% on your investment.

What to expect from the future events:

In subsequent sessions, we shall delve into:

  • Rigorous bi-monthly performance analyses.
  • Nuanced approaches to news trading on our Flagship account.
  • The application of algorithmic trading through preeminent EAs.
  • A comprehensive discourse on risk mitigation strategies in margin trading.

Your Invitation:

We invite you to partake in our next session, where we shall dissect the pivotal market events that have influenced our trading paradigms over the preceding fortnight.

Wishing you a prosperous trading journey,
Chris, Mykyta, and the Elite CurrenSea Team

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