Key Insights from Our Live Forex & CFD Trading Webinar – April 18, 2024

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Recently, we hosted an insightful live webinar focused on Forex & CFD trading, where expert trader Chris Svorcik guided attendees through a detailed analysis of major currency pairs and commodities. Whether you’re a seasoned trader or new to the markets, this session provided valuable insights to help refine your trading strategies.

Webinar Highlights

Chris Svorcik brought his expertise in technical analysis to the forefront, examining several key financial instruments:

  • EUR/USD: Chris discussed the recent price movements and employed wave analysis to forecast potential future trends.
  • GBP/USD: The analysis included chart patterns that might indicate short-term trading opportunities.
  • USD/JPY and USD/CHF: Emphasis was placed on how Fibonacci retracement levels are interacting with current price action.
  • DAX30 and US30: Chris explored these major indices, providing insights into market sentiment and potential shifts in the equity markets.
  • Gold: The webinar covered gold’s role as a safe haven, especially in the current economic climate, analyzing its trends through support and resistance levels.
  • Bitcoin: With the volatility of cryptocurrencies, Chris’s insights into Bitcoin’s chart patterns were especially timely, helping traders to navigate its swings.


Chris’s application of wave analysis, Fibonacci, trendlines, and support & resistance (S&R) not only clarified the current market conditions but also equipped participants with the tools to make more informed trading decisions. For those who missed the live event or wish to review the analyses, the full recording is available above.

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