Improvements to Partner Program and User Interface

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Hello Dear traders,

Our Team has been working on updating the account and affiliate area on our website and it is finally finished! 

Our top affiliates are making as much as €15,000 per month and with the addition of new creatives, you can tap into the extra revenue stream, and also, communicate our service offering with style 😎.

Regardless of the scale of your referral activities, we value each and every one of your contributions to spreading the word about Elite CurrenSea, and we hope the changes to an affiliate area will help you with your goals.

Affiliate Area Promo Materials and Features in Action

Creating affiliate links is very easy with us. You have to go to the account area by clicking the profile icon on the top right corner, the on the left side you are going to see the affiliate section. 

After clicking on it you scroll down to insert the link’s original URL and after clicking on generating the affiliate link, you are going to receive a specialized link which you can then distribute. You have the option of generating campaigns if you want to keep different links separate.

In the Affiliate area, you now have access to tracking your income, leads and general click data on your campaigns. Statistics give you general information about your earnings through the affiliate program, such as the number of visits, paid and referrals, and conversion rate. In that section, you can also check the whole balance. 

We have opted to automate payouts via PayPal on a monthly basis which you can check in the Payouts section. There is also an option to use cryptocurrencies or a wire transfer.

Simple Profit Calculators

We have also added a new feature “Calculator” which allows you to estimate the potential profits in both rental and managed versions of our products.

Managed vs Rental Payouts Comparison

Profit Share Rental
  • more profit long-term but requires more patience. 
  • Best for introducing investors with an at least €5,000 investment
  • might make you less in referrals fees
  • Arguably easier to promote
  • offers instant remuneration (paid at the end of the month)
Introducing 10 buyers to Athena EA Lifetime offer brings approx €10,000 in revenue – under 25% revenue share, you will make €2,500. Remuneration is paid at the end of the month but displayed instantly. Introducing 10 investors with an average deposit of €5,000 (€50k) while investment turning a 10% (€5,000) profit per month, at 30% (€1,500) profit share cost for investors, ECS and you will receive €1,125 and €375 per month (€4,500 per year + compounding) payouts respectively. 


The ECS team values authenticity and transparency at all levels of our business. Hence, you can check Up to 100 reviews with 4,5-star ratings on Forex Peace Army. 

We offer customers free content to generate leads that we are going to make sure to process by providing clear information on the services. 

Any referral you make is attached to your affiliate for as long as we operate, making it one of the first lifetime programs in our industry.

Safe Trading,
Team of Elite CurrenSea ♥️🇺🇦

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