ECS Announces Strategic Enhancements to Athena EA Settings for Optimized Trading

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We are excited to share with our trading community that we have made important adjustments to the settings of our trusted Athena expert advisor (EA), solidifying our commitment to risk reduction and financial efficacy.

At the heart of these enhancements is our dedication to preserving the robust framework of Athena’s original coding. We have not altered the EA itself, ensuring that the excellence and reliability our traders depend on remain consistent. Instead, we have refined the settings based on the capital in each account, with two primary improvements in mind:

1. Enhanced Risk Control

We have restructured the settings to moderate the rate of increase in position sizes during grid trading activation. This strategic development is designed to better safeguard the account’s free margin, allowing for a more stable and secure trading environment in unpredictable markets. Our objective with this upgrade is to secure Athena EA as a tool for sustainable long-term financial success, which may result in a slight trade-off with short-term profits.

2. Lowered Minimum Capital Requirement

We’ve taken a bold step away from the standard H4 timeframe and scaled back position sizes within the EA’s settings. These changes have successfully reduced the minimum capital required to engage with Athena EA to a mere €1000. This move makes it feasible for a wider array of traders to start growing their capital with Athena EA, even with smaller initial deposits.

For our traders who prefer a streamlined investment experience, we’ve also set up a partnership with KTM broker to offer a PAMM account option, thus eliminating the need for them to delve into the nuances of settings adjustments.

We assure you that there is no need to update your Athena EA; it is simply the settings that have evolved. We have already implemented these new optimized settings across all accounts managed by ECS, allowing our traders to benefit immediately from these advancements without any action required on their part.

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