Ultima EA Gains +20% to +40% in May 2020

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Dear traders,

Draw-downs (DD) can be scary. Ultima EA traders know that quite well after seeing 8 losses in a row. We tried to explain to our members that DD is part of the trading game.

Luckily patience was rewarded in May 2020. The winning streak gave us a decent win ranging from 20 to 40% on the EUR/USD 15 min chart (depending on the risk percentage per trade).

This article provides an update on the performance during May 2020. We also review how the Ultima EA recovered from the DD mid May (read more in our article “Living Through a Draw-Down is a Critical Skill for Traders”)

Surviving May’s Draw-Down 

May 2020 saw its fair share of ups and downs. The month started off with a small win streak. But we saw our profits disappear when we lost about 8 trades in a row. The Ultima EA however did a great job of recovering with 6 wins in the final 7 trade setups:

  • +/- 4 wins in the first week of May
  • +/- 8 losses from 7 May to 15 May
  • +/- 6 wins out of 7 trades from 15 to end May

The current range on the EUR/USD is usually a period when trending systems run into massive trouble. But in reality, the Ultima EA is still making gains. Even though the market is not as trending (see image below).

The account of Ultima EA co-creator Chris Svorcik made a total gain of 39.1% in May 2020. My account now also has an all time equity high. This account is trading with 5% risk per setup.

The draw-down was for me mostly from the profits earlier in May 2020. The rebound in the last 2 weeks placed the account again in clear positive territory. 

The image below shows the May performance in relation to the rest of 2020.

The next image shows the long-term performance since the account started in August 2019.

The account of Mislav Nikolic, the Ultima EA creator, is steaming ahead as well. His performance is now clearly breaking above the round 1000% level.

Our common account which trades with 3% risk per setup gained of course slightly less. It managed to make +25%.

Performance Profit Share May 2020 

We restarted our profit sharing module in mid April with our new broker partner Key to Markets (KTM). If you are interested in starting an account with KTM, then you are able to get free SWAT 2.0 course or ecsLIVE access for 3 months.

May 2020 closed with a profit of 31.2% (myfxbook link). The total gain is currently +41.5%.

Performance GBB/USD 60 min

The track record of the GBP/USD 60 min is much slower than the EUR/USD 15 min chart. We could see from the back-testing data that traders need to be even more patient with the GU. And the live trading shows the same. The account is still at break-even after 10 months. But keep in mind that the GBP/USD 60 min has impressive back-testing results as well. We estimate that the GBP/USD could be on its way up by the end of 2020.

Performance Ultima Renters May 2020 

The performance will vary from trader to trader depending on:

  • When they started
  • What currency they trade
  • What time frame they trade
  • What broker they use (performance difference in the short-run)
  • What risk percentage they use

That said, we are monitoring the account of one renter. They are only trading EUR/USD 15min with 5% risk per setup from March 2020. This trader made +21.2% in May.

Prominent Updates for Ultima EA Renters

Ultima EA renters will gain another 2 improvements from Mislav Nikolic besides the 3 enhancements developed in May 2020:

  • You will see the time of expiration on the MT4 chart with the new installer.
  • You will get a green light if Ultima is operational.

The other 3 improvements earlier in May were these:

  • VPS. Mislav purchased software for not just monitoring all MT4 clients, but it will also automatically handle any issue. There are always issues with connections so uptime will be practically 100%, which they can never achieve on your own.
  • Licensing improvements. From now on, you can reinstall the EA in a very simple way. Also, it is now easier to use the EA on a different account.
  • There will be just 1 key for 15 min and 1h and both demo and live versions.

Check out the Ultima EA page for more details.

Good trading,
Chris Svorcik & Mislav Nikolic

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