Ultima Bundle Offers Three EAs in One Rental

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Dear Traders,

do draw-downs make you nervous? Would you like to trade automated systems but unsure about how to do it?

The Ultima bundle is a fully automated trading solution from A to Z. It offers 3 trading systems from Mislav Nikolic in 1 simple bundle. 

Today’s article will explain why the Ultima bundle is much better than trading a single EA. We will also share a short video that shares all the details.

You can join Ultima bundle rental via a simple monthly payment or yearly one.

Ultima Bundle Video Explains Everything

The Ultima bundle will include setups from 3 different trading systems:

  • Ultima EA pro from the GBP/USD 60 minute
  • Ultima EA from the EUR/USD 15 minute
  • Rush EA from the EUR/USD 5 minute

The systems offer a portfolio approach in one simple rental. All 3 systems are developed by Mislav Nikolic. See the video for a short introduction:

What Are the Benefits of the Ultima Bundle?

There are main benefits of trading the Ultima bundle: 

  • The portfolio lowers the risk of larger draw-downs
    With just one system, the draw-downs can become heavy. And the recovery time after a large draw-down can be lengthy. With three systems, the chance of all three systems losing at the same time is a lot lower. Usually one or two of the three systems compensate (some of) the losses of the other(s).
  • The portfolio offers more consistent results
    The three systems should offer less volatility and more stability in the long run. The portfolio should help increase the percentage of profitable months and quarters. Of course, some months will still end up in the minus. But there should be mostly wins from a quarterly perspective.
  • There is account diversification built in
    The bundle is trading a mixture of time frames and pairs. One system is trading the 60 minute chart for swing setups, one system is trading the 15 minute chart for intra-week setups, and the one system is trading the 5 minute chart for intra-day setups. There is also a mix of EUR/USD and GBP/USD. The bundle has an automatic diversification built in.

Do You Trade the Ultima Bundle?

With 3 systems in 1 rental bundle, you might be worried how you will monitor or manage the portfolio. 

In fact, setting up and trading the Ultima bundle is as simple as ever:

  • Fully automated trading
    All the systems are fully automated from A to Z. Your account will automatically handle entries, exits, and the management of all setups from all 3 trading systems. There is not a single manual action that needs to be done.
  • VPS included
    Not sure how to find and setup a VPS? This Ultima rental includes a VPS so you can keep trading non-stop without any interruption.
  • Only login and fund the account
    Your main role is to follow the steps in the installation guide (sent via email once you become a member). And have a funded account with capital that you can afford to risk. That’s all.
  • Warnings included
    You will receive automated email warnings if your account and VPS are disconnected.

What are Live Trading Results and Testing Results?

For a full overview of the current results, it is better to check out the myfxbook page that has the most up-to-date information. 

For a current view of the results, please check out the two images below.

Live trading results:


How to Join as an Ultima Bundle Renter?

To rent the Ultima bundle with 3 trading systems, the first step you need to do is choose whether you will go for the monthly or yearly option.

Of course, the yearly option offers a nice discount for those that can afford it.

  • Choose a monthly or yearly option.
  • Click on “add to cart”.
  • Create an account with Elite CurrenSea. Your data is safe.
    (or login if you already have one)
  • Complete the payment.

Once you order the Ultima bundle, you will receive a welcome email from [email protected] with what to expect and how to start.

Ultima bundle can be rented via a simple monthly payment or yearly one.

The spots are only available for the first 75 traders.

Join now before the rental spots are taken!

Good trading,

Mislav Nikolic – Ultima Bundle Creator
Chris Svorcik – Elite CurrenSea

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