🔥 Live Webinar with Mislav & Chris Explains RUSH.EA on 6 Oct 2020 🔥

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Dear Traders,

the Rush EA offers consistent gains on a monthly basis. The EA has managed to grow an account by an impressive +16,000%+ in just 1.5 years. Curious?

Elite CurrenSea is offering a live webinar about the Rush EA with system creator Mislav Nikolic and our own Chris Svorcik, which will explain the back-testing and live trading, the system itself, and how you can trade the EA yourself.

Make sure to join the live webinar as well today on Tuesday 6 October 2020 at 5pm GMT.

Rush EA Live Webinar with Mislav Nikolic & Chris Svorcik

Learn how to trade via rental or profit share module with this 100% automated trading system. More info via the live webinar on: Tuesday 6 October 2020 at 5pm GMT.

Join the the Rush.EA live webinar

Here is how the equity curve looks like after 1.5 years:

How Can I Join Rush EA

The Rush EA is available both via rental and profit share module.

  • The rental version is available for 1, 3 and 6 months.
  • The profit share module can be traded either via 3% risk or 5% risk per setup. The minimum capital for 5% risk is €1,000 and for 3% risk is €5,000.

Here is how you can sign-up for Rush EA Profit share module and EA rental.

Or you can get more information via our live webinar on Tuesday 5pm 6 October 2020.

Sign-up and watch the live webinar

Wish you good trading!

Chris Svorcik – Elite CurrenSea
Mislav Nikolic – Rush EA and Ultima EA creator

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