Get 100% margin bonus with YaMarkets

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Everyone likes to get bonuses when trading, as it gives you the possibility to earn bigger profits and make your trading experience more enjoyable. YaMarkets knows that and that’s why they are offering a 100% margin deposit bonus on every deposit of 10 USD or more. 

Why should we use YaMarkets’ 100% margin bonus?

YaMarkets is an industry leader when it comes to Forex and CFD trading. Here you can trade with all kinds of popular assets. Here you will find currencies, commodities, and indices of different kinds. This is a user-friendly and fair trading platform that won’t leave any traders disappointed. That’s why everyone should take advantage of their 100% margin deposit bonus. It will give you the possibility to further increase your profits as on top of margin you will be receiving 100% of your deposit, thus doubling your trading funds.

Terms & Conditions of YaMarkets 100% margin bonus

This is a limited-time offer that will run from July 1, 2022, to December 31, 2022, so make sure to take full advantage of this bonus until it is available.

The bonus amount is 100% of each deposit amount and only verified users are able to claim this bonus. But make sure that your account free margin is no lesser than the bonus amount, as in that case bonus will not be credited to your account.

When activating this bonus, it will be credited to your account, but you won’t be able to withdraw it until some requirements are met. In order for these funds to be transferred to your Balance account and be available for withdrawal or further trading, you will need to complete the trading operations in the following volume.

  • < Number of Lots > = < Bonus amount > / 2 for Ultimate / Standard Accounts
  • < Number of Lots > = < Bonus amount > / 1 for Royale accounts.

Once these requirements are met, the bonus will be deducted from your MetaTrader 5 account, and you will be able to see them in your account balance. From there, you can withdraw them or continue to trade.

Other notable Terms & Conditions for this bonus are:

  • Bonuses acquired from separate deposits are considered separate bonuses and traders will need to complete the requirements for each bonus separately.
  • If your account’s equity is less than 50%, the bonus will be canceled.
  • Traders can cancel bonus deposit anytime they like, but this process is not reversible.
  • YaMarkets can cancel the bonus of any user without giving them a prior notification.
  • With prior notification, YaMarkets can cancel or change the bonus system.

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