EUR/USD – Remaining Bearish Despite Further Pullback

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Dear Traders,

The EUR/USD continues to behave in a skittish manner. Will we now see a more significant recovery or a downtrend continuation? Today’s analysis will provide an updated short-term wave analysis.

Expanding Flat Remains a Real Possibility

The EUR/USD created a fairly strong bullish bounce during the later part of last week. At first glance, it is tempting to interpret this as a potential completion of the overall downtrend, but things are not as clear cut upon closer inspection.

Labeling the low of June 15 as the end of wave 3 of 5, and the ranging price action afterwards (into the June 21 low) as wave 4 of 5 and 5 of 5, is potentially dangerous because wave 4 would be utterly disproportionate in relation to 1, 2 and 3 within the sequence, thereby going against the guidelines of wave equality and balanced proportions.

In addition, the downwards move most likely finished via a 3-wave sequence (pale blue ‘b’ in chart above), which would suggest that bearish price-action is not complete to the downside.

The alternative wave count that could potentially resolve these anomalies would be to label the price-action since the June 15 low as an expanding flat within a wave 2. The structure looks very valid so far in this regard and the extent of wave 2 vs wave 1 (black labels) in terms of size and duration is more sound. The upwards move since the June 21 low is beginning to show signs of overlapping and also 3-wave swings as its internal structure. This could mean that a diagonal is in the process of forming within wave c of 2 (pale blue and black labels). The white lines show the projected price path for this scenario.

There is a confluence of relevant Fibonacci retracement and extension targets between 1.17 – 1.725 as well as multiple resistance trend lines (black), which could be an ending point if a diagonal is indeed forming right now. A strong bearish bounce at that level would be a significant sign for more bearish continuation.

A less likely (but also possible) scenario could be an immediate build-up of bearish momentum that would lead to a break of the June 21 low more quickly (yellow price line).

On the other hand, a bullish break above 1.1725 and the black trend lines would pretty much invalidate this scenario and things will have to be reviewed if this comes to pass.

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