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A Simple way to trade US options using Marco Doni’s approach.

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Video Education
69 video lessons (4.5 hours) across 10 modules.
Swing Trading Setups
A month of complimentary (€97/month) Telegram setups from Marco.
Live Trading Session
Bi-monthly webinar and Q&A with course organisers.
Lifetime Course Access
Access to an evolving method that keeps up with the changing market structure.
Mentoring & Support
IM & Emails access to our community & mentors.
Tools & Steategies
Access to Maroc's SAM 80 SAM 80 Plus systems (usually €917 each).
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Hello Traders

I’ve Started with Options in 2007, by shadowing several notable professionals in the industry (Scott J.L. Lord of StratagemTrade) and in time fancy myself to have developed my own style.

Eventually, to escape the years in solitary confinement of trading”  I started mentoring people – taking the liking in the organization of live trading events, online courses, and of course, publishing books. Lately, I’ve been also active at CNBC, co-hosting a segment “Trading Room.

Marco’s motto is: “A good trader is not a trader who earns a lot, but a trader who loses little.”

Marco Doni

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With US Options course you’ll get

Practical & prudent

Suitable for newbies and those already familiar with options, the topics range from basic concepts, such as key definitions and vocabulary, to more integral aspects, such as risk management, risk/return graphs, and of course, actionable Buy/Sell Options Trading strategies.

Fill the blank via quizes & webinar(s)

To cement your knowledge, each lessons comes with self-assessment quizzes. The course comes with one webinar, to help you make the last steps in the transition to a live account option trader.

Edge of a seasoned trader

Simple & effective methods

Starting the Options course was created to teach you American Options as simple as possible. The course is easy to follow with the use of videos and practical examples recorded while mastering the primary methods of the course:

  • SAM 80
  • SAM 80 Plus

Tools & Software

Marco’s approach focuses on several well-known indicators, that, in conjunction with the Marco’s methods, should help you avoid the most common pitfall of options trding:

  • Heiken Ashi Indicator
  • FE Indicator
  • Stochastic Indicator
  • MACD Indicator
  • Bollinger Bands
  • Trading Plan

Choose yours

US Options
Simple and Actionable approach to U.S. Options Trading by CNBC's favorite expert - Marco Doni.

How it works?

Purchase a System
Go through the checkout process to receive the system + instructions.
Join the Community
Look around by visiting your trading area & telegram channel.
Learn the Method
Learn in & outs of this method by going through the tutorials.
Turn Profit
Master the rules & start turning profits.

Client reviews

I met Marco for the first time during one of his two days of courses dealing with American options trading. What can I say about that? It was one of the best courses I’ve ever followed. What I immediately appreciated of Marco was not only his innate talent in teaching complex topics clearly and simply but also his capability in transferring to the audience his passion for options trading. Concerning the courses, I’ve found the practical footprint very useful where Marco’s trading style, always risk control and risk management-oriented, can be appreciated. I think Marco is the best coach to which refer to anyone willing to undertake a valuable learning path in the American options trading world. Thank you, Marco, for your commitment, your enthusiasm, and your professionalism!
I met Marco several years ago! I remember when I bought one of his books because there was a rumor that a trader was working with weekly options in an innovative way. I read the book in one day and then decided to contact and congratulate him. From that call, everything was born! A friendship, collaboration, and a fruitful and continuous exchange of ideas and projects, Marco has the gift of making trading and life, in general, a simple, fun, and original path. His way of teaching and trading is powerful, funny, profitable, and honest. Worth to study with him! I consider him the coach of my life as a trader and the mentor of my career.
Marco explains complicated terms and concepts in a straightforward, clear, and concise way, making Options Trading easy to understand. As of today, I have been trading for 4 months with my savings, and I have seen a 46.5% return on my initial investment.
Marco is an excellent teacher who is present and patient at any moment. For years, I believed trading strategies were one-way. Marco expanded my view and showed me a new diverse way of trading, with Options, that is applicable for any market condition and adjustable if circumstances changed.
After years of ups and downs in Trading, I learned a fundamental rule of Trading: you do not improvise. Learning from Marco in his Trading in American Options course, my Trading drastically improved, and now nothing is improvised.


Is there a minimum starting capital for Options Trading?
Although a broker might not require a minimum deposit, the starting capital to trade strategies start at €3.000.
Is there any trade with unlimited risk?
Absolutely not. Each strategy has a well-defined risk, calculated prior to sending the trade to the market.
Which is the amount requested for each trade?
Based on the Money Management rules, the amount for each trade is 5% of the account.
Which kind of support I can aspect?
We offer support through email, Skype and Telegram.
Can I access the videos with my tablet or smartphone?
Of course. This site has also been designed for tablets and smartphones. With an Internet connection, and you can easily watch videos directly from your device.

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