Tarantula FX Visits Varna Bulgaria for Next Forex Seminar

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Hi Traders,

Elite CurrenSea is back with more live seminars… This time Nenad Kerkez will be participating in a live seminar event which is taking place in Varna, Bulgaria on Sunday12th of May 2019.

The seminar is hosted by Trade-Insider.com and sponsored by XM, one of the largest brokers in the world with more than 2.5 million active traders. The event will start at 3pm local time.

What is the Purpose of the Seminar?

The seminar goal is to offer valuable Forex trading materials to traders of all skill levels. The half-day Forex Seminar will introduce you to both the Forex market and how trading works but will also explain concepts such as trading strategies and risk management.

Special guest Nenad Kerkez from Elite CurrenSea promises to add fireworks to the event and his warm and passionate personality always makes for an interesting afternoon. Nenad will be discusses his trading strategies and passion for Forex.

Nenad Kerkez said that he is looking forward to this event:

“I love live trading events. Talking to traders about trading, charts and price action is simply the best and I’m all excited about visiting Bulgaria.”

XM will also play an active role as the main sponsor of the event. With over 2.5 million active traders all over the world and over 20 awards, XM takes the lead in Europe’s largest and best Forex broker in the World. XM is committed to helping out traders by sponsoring regularly sponsoring these live events. XM recently was a sponsor of Elite CurrenSea seminars in Slovenia, the Netherlands, Czech Republic, Croatia, and Serbia.

The participants in the seminar will have the opportunity to get acquainted with representatives of the biggest broker in Europe (XM), as well as some of the best traders in Bulgaria from Trade-Insider.com.

How Can I Register and What Will I Learn?

Traders can sign-up on the event page here. The good news is that the event is free of charge so you can enjoy high quality training without having to pay for it.

The event is also available for everyone, regardless of their experience and skills. The seminar will share valuable information for beginners, Intermediate and advanced traders and offers something for everyone.

In the first part, you will learn a lot about what you should NOT to do in Forex trading whereas in the second part of the event, you will learn what should you do to improve your success in your trading. The seminar will include:

    • The key, unexpected mistakes that makes 99% of all traders. (And it is not discipline, neither fear nor greed).
    • 3 valuable trading strategies shared by professional traders.
    • Methods how to increase success, risk management techniques, and more.
    • 5 most important things every trader needs to know before opening a Forex trading account.
  • Special guest appearance from Nenad Kerkez (Elite CurrenSea).

The second part promises to provide a detailed analysis of the upcoming market and demonstration of how Trade-Insider does it (Detailed analysis, trading preparation, trading setup, signal detection, risk preparation and position management, opening the order and all the details of how they manage it). The strategies for the market analysis and trading setups will be comprehensive and the details will be shared with all participants.

There will be also be promotional gift items. As a bonus, 30 subscribers will receive special awards immediately at the event.

Each early bird participant will gain access to the trading strategies for a period of 3 months.

Sign-up for live seminar event.

Good trading,
Team of Elite CurrenSea

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