✅ ecs.LIVE 4 Month Update: +1800 Pips and +40% Reward Average ✅

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Hi Traders,

it’s again time for a new update on our ecs.LIVE performance. We are close to celebrating 20 weeks of wins in a row (currently at 19) and we wanted to give you more information about our latest trade results and statistics from the past weeks. Our previous article dates back to January 18, 2018.

For your information: ecs.LIVE is a Telegram based service from Nenad and myself (Chris) which offers analysis and setups to traders.

Strong and Consistent in Past 7 Weeks

We had a great win streak during the hollday season:

  • Win rates above 82% for 7 weeks in a row.
  • Win rates above 90% for 4 weeks in a row.

The last 7 weeks our win percentage was slightly lower but still good enough in our view: 70 wins out of 101 trade setups equals 69.3%. Not bad!

We also managed to book 47% net profit during those past 7 weeks using 1% risk per setup on those trades, which equals to 6.7% per week or 27% per month.

Overall Performance: +1825 Pips and +40% Return per Month

The total is even more impressive. ecsLIVE has been active for 19 weeks now (4.5 months) and the results speak for themselves:

  • Total pips: 8667 pips –> 1825 pips per month average.
  • Total reward: 190% reward –> 40% per month average (based on 1 % risk per trade).

Here are also more stats regarding total number of trades:

  • 315 trade setups sent –> 17 per week average.
  • 234 wins –> 74.3% win rate.
  • 81 losses –> 25.7% loss rate.

We also kept track of the reward to risk ratio. The entry versus the stop loss level is the risk for each trade so a full loss is calculated as -1% loss. We use market exits and trail stop losses to keep losses short and let winners run so here are the stats regarding reward to risk ratio:

  • Average win is 1.
  • Average loss is -0.67.
  • Reward to risk ratio is 1.5.


Feel free to join our ecsLIVE telegram group as well! See banner below.

Wish you good trading,

Nenad and Chris


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