ECS is Looking for Writers and Researchers in Crypto, FX and Trading

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Hi traders,

Are you interested in financial markets, research, and/or analysis? If yes, we might be interested in working with you because Elite CurrenSea (ECS) is expanding its team with new members.

ECS is reaching out to its followers and audience because this is an unique opportunity to work with Nenad and Chris on a daily basis.
If you would like to join our fun yet driven and focused website, then do not hesitate to read the article here below and contact us via email (

ECS Team is Expanding

ECS is looking for new members that can contribute to the website and team in a positive, proactive, and efficient way. We want to collaborate with more researchers and writers to help support the expansion of our website.

Researcher of Cryptos, crypto market

Researchers will be asked to collect, analyze, review and prepare data with regard to the crypto market.
For the role of researcher we are looking for someone who has:

  • Interest in cryptos and also potentially ICO’s
  • Be up-to-date with the crypto world
  • Decent command of English language (does not have to be native English)
  • Topics could be: study/research on no coiners, good crypto investment portfolio, milestones of cryptos summarized, how to define your crypto investment goals, etc.

We will offer you a compensation that is based on:

  • Your experience and knowledge of the crypto market
  • Skills that could benefit crypto research
  • Your goals and hours per week/month
  • Trading learning curve (systems and live service are options, besides financial payments)
  • The depth and complexity of your analysis
  • Working with Nenad and Chris

Here is how you can apply: send your Linkedin profile and/or resume to and add as a header “researcher”.

Writer of Educational Topics and Articles

Writers will be asked to write about pre-determined topics that provide SEO (search engine optimization) for the website. We want to address a wide range of topics that addresses all of the key issues for traders from the very start of their trading career to more advanced materials. We are also open to adding your article ideas to our list of topics and try to foster creativity and initiative.

For the role of writer we are looking for someone who has:

  • Interest in financial markets
  • Experience in analysis, either technical, wave and/or fundamental
  • Good command of English language (does not have to be native English)
  • Trading experience is a plus

We will offer you a compensation that is based on:

  • Your experience with writing/research and financial markets
  • Your goals and ideas
  • Trading learning curve (systems and live service are options, besides financial payments)
  • The complexity and length of the articles or topics
  • Working with Nenad and Chris

To apply, please follow these steps

  1. If you have writing experience, please send published examples of written material from the past (please send links).
  2. If you don’t have writing experience, please write a 500 word article (in Word or Google Doc). Well-formulated and overall correct grammar are important factors.
  3. Topic can be explaining a trading topic, technical, fundamental, wave analysis, CFDs, Bitcoin, cryptos or Forex
    • Here are concrete examples for trading:
      1. What are pros and cons of MT4 vs MT5?
      2. Ins and outs of applying volume profile analysis
      3. What are the best Forex brokers and how can I evaluate them?
      4. What do I need to become a successful trader?
      5. What is the best way to back test ea strategies in mt4-5?
      6. My risk and money management plan
      7. My trading psychology plan
      8. What suits you more: Forex or Crypto trading? (main differences between FX and crypto currencies)
      9. Tips on how to trade volatile markets
    • Here are concrete examples for cryptos:
      1. Why are cryptos so popular with non traders?
      2. Action plan for starting cryptos: where can Forex traders start if they want to start with cryptos?
      3. Top 11 myths about trading
      4. How to recognise bad altcoin decisions?
      5. What are unique features of good cryptos?
      6. What are unique features of good icos?
      7. Top 5 worst crypto blunders
      8. Are Cryptos a Bubble? Learn why cryptos are not
      9. What is a hot wallet, why is it key, and how to choose it
      10. Are smart contracts the next big trend?
      11. Quotes about cryptos that could surprise you: influences who were wrong about cryptos.
      12. Buying your first cryptocurrency, step by step guide (informative, manual for beginners, overview)
      13. What to expect after you buy your first crypto?
      14. How to protect your crypto account from being hacked
      15. How to evaluate cryptocurrencies
      16. 8 reasons not to trade or buy cryptos
  4. Send your Linkedin profile or resume plus the 500 word text to our email ( and add as a header “writer application”.

Why Work with ECS?

The ECS website is developing quickly as more and more traders seek the advice of Nenad Kerkez, aka Tarantula FX, Chris Svorcik, and the entire ECS analytical team.

ECS has recently developed in multiple dimensions in the last year including a new website, free material and content (ecs.START), new courses (CAMMACD, SWAT), and new Telegram analytical service (ecs.LIVE).

ECS is looking to expand even further in 2018 and 2019 with an even better service, including better and more free analysis, webinars and videos for traders and ecs.LIVE members, enhanced educational programs, an in house developed EA, and more automated tools and indicators.

When you join the ECS team, you will be in an excellent position to be part of a growing, dynamic, highly ambitious and friendly organization. We expect to provide more trading solutions, content, analysis, indicators and tools as the demand for our work increases.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

In any case, wish you good trading and many green pips,
Nenad, Chris, & the ECS team

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