CAMMACD Rolls the Major Update

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tarantula fx

tarantula fx

Head of Trading

Dear traders,

Today we are rolling the major update to the CAMMACD trading method. New, fantastic dashboard has been released which will save you time used for scanning the best possible setups. The dashboard is based on newly developed ecs.CAMMACD indicator which is much more responsive in terms of momentum and trend compared to traditional MACD. It even surpasses the MACD ZeroLag indicator. The rules for trading the CAMMACD.mtf module are still the same but from now on, the dashboard will catch all important trends on the MTF (multiple time frame) and you should be able to spot possible setups at a glance. The CAMMACD dashboard is able to scan through all markets that are available on your platform. Using color-coded algorithms based on our proprietary MACD indicator the dashboard is lag free and VERY easy on your PC RAM and MT4. All traders who have purchased the CAMMACD system are eligible for the update and we will send 2 new indicators tomorrow.

Cheers and trade safe,

Nenad Kerkez T

CAMAMCD dashboard and MACD


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