New SWAT 2.0 Trade Setups: +100 Pip Wins

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Dear traders,

The new SWAT 2.0 method is already being used in the ecsLIVE webinars. Some of you might be wondering how the trade setups look like.

This article shares a video with a few trades setups on the EUR/USD, GBP/USD, and GBP/JPY 4 hour charts. These were discussed pre-fact in ecsLIVE.

Multiple Wins Ranging from +80 to +130 Pips

As discussed in the ecsLIVE webinars, the 4 hour chart delivered nice wins on the EUR/USD, GBP/USD and GBP/JPY using both SWAT Classic and SWAT Pro.

SWAT Pro generated these wins:

  • +100 pips on EUR/USD 4h
  • +125 pips on EUR/USD 4h
  • +120 pips on GBP/USD 4h

SWAT Classic also had 2 wins:

  • +130 pips on GBP/USD 4h
  • +80 pips on GBP/JPY 4h

See the video below for all of the details:

Read the news release for more information.

Check out the SWAT info page if you want to get full and life-time access to SWAT 2.0.

Sign-up for the live webinar to get all of the details and ask live questions.

Thanks and good trading,
Chris Svorcik, ecsSWAT creator

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