Trade Journal: 8 Wins 5 Losses with 70 Pips Win on Gold

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tarantula fx

tarantula fx

Head of Trading

Dear Traders,

Last week (17-24 June) saw the cammacd.MTF making 8 wins and 5 losses. Although results with our trading channel group are positive at the end of the week, markets were mostly rangy, except for the Gold, which was the biggest CAMMACD winner for the week.

Gold is Trending

Diamonds, arrows, circles, and Super-Dots. They all mean something in the world of ecs.CAMMACD.
Source: ecs.CAMMACD

It was clear just by looking at the chart that the XAU/USD (GOLD) is trending. There were many buying opportunities, and, fortunately for us, we managed to catch one of breakouts and capture around 70 pips, which was more than enough to call it a good winner.

On some trades we got 15-30 pips due to very rangy markets, but this win with Gold was enough to make the week profitable.

Changes are Coming

So far, for all CAMMACD setups, we have been using the rule where 5 pips and the spread (of that pair and broker) are added for placing the stop loss. This always adds 7-10 pips to the each SL used for the CAMMACD.

However, it also creates confusion with our ecs.LIVE members and traders, so I decided to change the rule. Starting from Monday 24 June, I will apply the so called ATR stop-loss rule.

What does this mean? Traders will only need to add the spread without the 5 additional pips to any trade announced. This will be much easier for novice members and our ecs.CAMMACD traders too.

Men Sana in Corpore Sano

If you want to always be in good shape, you need to be both physically and mentally active. This weekend I went in nature, doing some off-road and trail walks.

I was also a bit intense on the side of doing HIIT exercises. HIIT exercises help me stay in excellent shape, which is always very helpful when it comes to trading and making correct risk management decisions.

Although HIIT is a bit intensive, I enjoy it thoroughly. Don’t forget that you, as a trader, always need to stay both physically and mentally active if you want to experience positive development in your trading career.

Cheers and safe trading,

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