? Stock Indices Prepare for Triangle and Double Top ?

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Dear Traders,

The DAX 30 will probably extend its correction into a triangle chart pattern. If the triangle pattern does appear, then price is expected to bounce at resistance and challenge the support zone again. The breakout above or below this triangle would indicate the next trend, and the video below discusses how such a breakout could be approached.

The S&P500 is showing a more bulliish structure and a bullish breakout on the S&P500 is ready to challenge the previous top.

Check out the video for the full analysis and trade plans on 13-20 March 2018:

  • DAX30, S&P500 technical analysis
  • Review of patterns, trends, key S&R levels
  • Explanation of potentrial trade ideas both up and down
  • Beginner friendly, explaining concepts in more detail

See the video below for all of the details

Good trading,
Chris Svorcik


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