Australian dollar is trying to decide which way to go

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Hello traders,

The AUD/USD currency pair has both buying and selling, but only after news about the interest rate in the USA!

In order to understand where you can buy, you need to stretch the Fibonacci lines on the chart. After drawing the Fibonacci lines on the last impulse, it became clear that our resistance 0.6795 is near the Fibonacci level 50. The purpose of the purchase, zone 0.6930-0.6915. BUT do not forget that you need to buy only after confirming the reversal!

If suddenly the correction does not reach the level of 0.6795 and goes up, then there is an option for sale. Zone 0.6930-0.6915 is perfect for a Sell transaction, but only after confirming a reversal from this zone. Profit target, zone 0.6865-0.6855.

Good trading,
Yaroslav Mudryi.

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