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Last month profit< €5.000> €5.000> €10.000
Courses & Tools25%35%50%
Stock Investing25%30%35%
IB Business20%35%45%
EA Rental15%25%33%
EA Profit Share10%20%25%

About Elite CurrenSea

Business Model
Trading & Elite CurrenSea are our honey and bread. Over 60% of revenue comes from retail, 15% each are ib & sponsorships.
Trading & Education
Award Winning methodology & tools to understand and trade popular markets.
Marketing & Development
Webinars, Offline Events, White Label, Campaign Optimisation & Sponsorship deal.
IB Business
Working with relevant brokers, technology and service providers, is the key behind the monetisation of your referrals.


Earn up to 50% of our profit by offering our services to your audience. Our offers work best with somebody comfortable trading online and don’t require any preliminary knowledge.


If you think your region would benefit from our brand?
We encourage you to reach out to set up an operation with up to 50/50 revenue share. 

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