60% account growth potential through trade setups, market research and mentoring.

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72 %

Win rate

Total 32 wins

+ 10,5 %

Monthly gain

per 4 weeks



per 4 weeks

+ 126 %

Total returns

using 5% risk per trade

Charts via Telegram
Safe delivery of content through a versatile app.
Consistent & Timely
Clear entry and exit points with detailed explanation.
US Options Focused
In-depth coverage of American options.
Complimentary to Education
Based on US Options course by Marco Doni.
Live Trading Session
Access to a bi-monthly webinar by US Options course organisers.
Mentoring & Support
Engage and receive full support from our mentors & the community.
Payable every Month
Free with US Options course
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3+1 months
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Live for Life
12+2 months
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5-20 monthly setups
Monthly FAQ webinar
24/5 Email support
Pre-Launch Options product access
15% Options product discount
15% All product discount
All Pre-Launch product access
Three One-on-One sessions

Suggested brokers

Interactive Brokers
Trading Platform:
MT4, MT5
Max Leverage:
Stock, ETF, Forex, Fund, Bond, Options, Futures, Crypto
Min. deposit:
Open an account
TD Ameritrade
Trading Platform:
Max Leverage:
Stock, ETF, Forex, Fund, Bond, Options, Futures
Min. deposit:
Open an account

You access to premium tools might be halted for further clarifications if less than 3 lots are traded within the first 14 days. Use sponsorship account as intended – for trading.

How to apply

Open a new account
Open a new account with a trusted provider respecting the sponsorship terms.
Contact us
Contact us with a proof of account via a screenshot with an indication of selected benefits.
Receive the reward & instructions
Receive the reward & instructions on how to claim your benefits to your account in up to 24h.

Use live calculator to check the profit potential

Average profit per month with a varied risk
Average profit per month with 1% risk
Average profit per month based on "custom risk"

Live calculator

Custom risk
Profit per month
Net profit per month

Detailed results

TimeDefault Risk 2%Withdrawals (WD)Total WDAct + WithdrawnPotential
Month 1547353535525-274
Month 25990571106100-299
Month 36556631736729-328
Month 47175692427417-359
Month 57853753178170-393
Month 68595823998995-430
Month 79408904909897-470
Month 8102979958910885-515
Month 91127010869711966-563
Month 101233511881513150-617
Month 111350013094414445-675
Month 1214776142108615862-739
Total trading account:14776Total Withdrawn:108615862-739
Profit per month:905
Service cost:64
Net profit per month:841

Client reviews

Riyad, Saudi Arabia
First time in 5 years, that i find smth worthwhile. ecs.Live is gem, the service provide setups with backup support and follow up till trades closed. I have used 100 setups services but you are really different from others.
Milton Keynes, United Kingdom
They provide good tuition for early traders and something for more experienced traders too. Very few indicators used so charts not congested. But be cautious.. they have very different styles to trading.. which is what I like!
ForexDubai, UAE broker
I am actively involved in Forex trading for the past 2 years and the discovery of Elite CurrenSea helped me enormously! Firstly they drastically improved my learning process with their amazing webinars and analyses and secondly ecs.LIVE increased my trading results! I am continuously profitable!
South Africa
Chris and Nenad are rockstar traders! Elite CurrenSea provide very different, but both equally distinguished and highly profitable trading styles. They also provide easy to understand educational videos, live market analysis and trade setups on a regular basis.


Is there a minimum starting capital for Options Trading?
Although a broker might not require a minimum deposit, the starting capital to trade strategies start at €3.000.
Is there any trade with unlimited risk?
Absolutely not. Each strategy has a well-defined risk, calculated prior to sending the trade to the market.
Which is the amount requested for each trade?
Based on the Money Management rules, the amount for each trade is 5% of the account.
Which kind of support I can aspect?
We offer support through email, Skype and Telegram.