Zeus EA Now Available Via Profit Share Module

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Dear Traders,

Were you interested in Zeus EA before but the cost of renting was too high? Elite CurrenSea has good news for you and everyone else: the Zeus EA will be available via the profit share module.

The profit share concept means that traders do not need to pay any upfront fees or rental payments before starting. You can simply start trading and share a small 20% of the profit share on a monthly basis (only when there is profit).

This article explains all the ins and outs about the profit share program. It explains which traders can use this offer and how traders can join. Make sure not to miss this chance for trading the Zeus EA without any upfront fees or costs.

How Much Profit Do I Pay and When?

The profit share program is the best way to trade an EA without any upfront costs. It allows you to use the capital for the trading itself, rather than spending part of it on the rental cost.

The profit share module is substantially different when compared to the rental version. Here is an overview:

  • No payment or rental fee is required
  • Traders share 20% of their monthly profits
  • Nothing is shared if there is no profit at the end of the month
  • The profit share module works with high-water mark (only profit is shared above the highest peak in value that an investment fund or account has reached)

The high-water mark is calculated based on both open and closed trades at the end of the month. This is fair for all parties because there are many EAs that close trades for profit but purposely keep losses open. Floating losses will reduce the performance in that month whereas floating profits will improve it. But in both cases, the performance (both open and closed trades) will need to cross that threshold at the end of a new month before a next profit share needs to be paid.

The current offer is a special promotion for traders who open and fund their account in September 2020 only. The profit share percentage is set at 20% for those trading the EA below a capital of 10,000.

Here is a summary:

Capital Sep 2020Profit % in Sep 2020Min capital / recommendedCapital Oct 2020 +Profit % in Oct 2020 & laterMin capital / recommended
Less than 10,00020%Min: 1500
Rec: 2500
30%Min: 7500
Rec: 7500
10,000 – 50,00015%15,000-
50,000 – 100,00010%20,000 +20%
100,000 +5%


Keep in mind that the above percentages indicate the percent of the profit that goes to the EA creators where you, the investor, keep the rest. So with a 20% profit share, the EA creators get 20% and you get the remainder of the 80% profit.

From October 2020 onwards, the profit share will be available but a minimum capital of €7,500 is required. 

In September 2020, the minimum capital is €1,500 and the recommended minimum capital is €2,500. 

Also, the profit share percentage is offered a great discount in September 2020. You can lock in a 20% profit split with less than €10,000. 

But if you like, you are able to get an even better percentage if you add more capital (5-15% if you trade with €10,000, €50,000 or €100,000). 

Here is an example of two months. For instance:

  • 10,000 capital
  • Closed trades: +800
  • Open trades: -50
  • Total trades: 750
  • 20% profit is shared on 750 = 150
  • New balance = 10,000 + 750 – 150 = 10,600
  • High-water mark = 10,750 (account needs to close above this before new profit share is shared above 10,750)

Month two:

  • 10,000 capital
  • Closed trades: +1,050
  • Open trades: +100
  • Total trades: +1,150
  • 20% profit is shared on 1,000 = 200
    • Calculated like this: 10,600 + 1,150 – 10,750 = 1,000
  • New balance = 10,600 + 1,150 – 200 = 11,550
  • High-water mark = 11,550 (account needs to close above this before new profit share is shared above 11,550)

New Rental Offer Is Valid Too

For traders that prefer avoiding the profit sharing module, we also offer a new and simplified pricing for renting the EA. Traders who started before this article announcement were able to purchase a more expensive life-time purchase option. Now we switched to a cheaper and more affordable rental option, which also includes a VPS.

  1. One month rental per 1 EA: €89 euro for 1 month including VPS
  2. One year rental per 1 EA: €299 per year including VPS 
    • Maximum capital fo €2,500 per account
  3. One year rental per 1 EA with more capital: €699 per year including VPS 
    • Allowed to trade €2,500 – €7,500 per account

This will allow traders to test the EA with less fees upfront. The above prices are only valid if traders open up an account with our partnered broker.

Zeus EA Live Trading Performance

The main benefit of the Zeus EA is its steady and consistent equity curve. The EA shows similar positive results month after month.

Do draw-downs occur? Yes they can. But in the past 4.5 years of back-testing, each and every month has ended in positive territory. That means that so far, draw-downs only impact intra-month performance. And if you look at the equity curve itself, any draw-downs are not that common. This EA is ideal for traders seeking stable and consistent gains without too many ups and downs.

It’s now time to discuss the live trading results (as of 28.08.202) and later on, the 4.5 years of back-testing results.

We are currently trading 3 accounts:

Let’s start with the account with the longest history, which is now close to 1.5 years old. After that we will review two accounts that are both trading with higher risk.

As you can see the performance is about ten times the size of the draw-down: +114% gain versus a 13% draw-down. This is an excellent ratio. Also the equity curve is consistently moving higher without any major ups and downs. The Zeus EA steady across all months.

This account however was trading with less risk (see image above). Now let’s review an account that did take the highest risk approach (see image below) since June 2019 with a total length of 14+ months.

The draw-down is obviously higher. But the profits gained are more than twice as much within a shorter time frame (3 months shorter).

Most importantly, the equity curve remains consistent. It is also important to mention that both accounts only had positive months. There was not one single month that ended up negative.

Recently we opened up a third account as well because we wanted to track the performance together with the rental members that started last month.

So our newest live trading account has been trading for only 2 months. But the live performance is behaving exactly what we expect: stable gains that create a consistent equity curve.

Keep in mind that this account is trading Zeus EA with the highest risk possible and despite that, it shows low volatility and low draw-down.

Even the newest account is very solid. The statistics are also calculated and based on a large sample size. The EA has taken more than 700 setups in those 2 months. That decreases the risk that a good result was gained by sheer luck. For instance, if the same result was obtained after just 10 trades, the value of the live performance would be greatly diminished.

Zeus EA: 4.5 Years of Back-Testing Completed

Besides the three live trading accounts, we also completed two lengthy back-testing going back for 2.5 years and 4.5 years (!). Both were completed on the 5 minute chart of the EUR/USD, which means that there were more than 300,000 candles included in this test. This is a huge amount of data and indicates how strong the test was.

The testing was completed on Dukascopy with 99.9% modelling accuracy and reflects the most accurate testing possible on the MT4 platform. You can access the two back-tests on our Elite CurrenSea profile page on myfxbook.

There was so much data and so many trades from the 4.5 years of testing that it did not even fit on the main image. The above image shows 2016 and 2017 whereas the image below shows 2018 to 2020.

Here are also the two tests on myfxbook:

Keep in mind that the back-tests were done with a capital of 10,000. But the same performance can be achieved with a capital of 2,500 as well. That means that the performance can be 4x as high.

When doing the math, the Zeus EA managed to gain almost 80% per year (79.2%) in this test. That is 6.6% per month.

We published a table that shows a comparison. We will add it again here below.

Capital $ or €Gain $ or €Total gain %Avg profit per yearAvg profit per monthMyfxbook draw-downPossible draw-down


For the Zeus EA profit share program, the above table is not that important as it is for the Zeus EA renters.

When you join the Zeus EA profit share program, you just need to determine the capital that you want to invest, as long as the minimum is 2,500. Your capital will represent a percentage of the total and you will receive the same percentage of the monthly gain.

Do I Need to Do Any Trading? Details about the Zeus EA

Fully automated EA

The Zeus EA is a fully automated trading system. This includes entries, trade management, and exits. No action is needed by the account holder. Literally all required actions are completed by the Expert Advisor (EA) on the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform.

Trading EUR/USD only

The trading system is trading on the EUR/USD only. It uses the 5 minute time frame for an intensive scalping approach. This means that the EA enters and exits many trades. In fact, there are about 250 setups on average per month.

Risk approach

The Zeus EA does not use a stop loss. The risk management is done via hedging and entering shorts and longs consistently. The EA uses a fixed lot size of 1 micro per 2,500 capital. Historically draw-down reached a maximum of 1,800 one time, which is why a capital of 2,500 is the minimum needed to trade this EA.

Minimum capital

Keep in mind that the Zeus EA has a minimum required capital of 2,500 euro. Traders are not able to trade the EA with less capital unfortunately. The reason is connected to how the EA works. The very maximum draw-down with the smallest lot size of 1 micro lot (0.01) is around 1,700-1,800. A capital of 2,500 is required to survive the maximum expected draw-down. Less capital would be too risky.

VPS not required

You might wonder if you need to keep your pc running or use a VPS (server)? No, you do not. Even the actual running of the EA is done by us. We take care of all the accounts via a PAMM method (percentage allocation money management) with our partner broker Key to Markets

Zeus EA Strategy Explained

The Zeus EA is based on mathematical formulas for entering and exiting. The Zeus EA also uses one technical indicator within its trading system: the RSI (relative strength index). It is used for understanding where the chart could expect a U-turn. The EA makes a calculation when to open the next trade and automatically moves the profit in order to close the entire series of traders in positive territory.

Join the Live Zeus EA Webinar

Although we answered many questions in this article, we will be hosting a live webinar on the Zeus EA and the profit share program. The webinar will take place on:

Tuesday 8 September 2020 at 15:00 GMT

What if you cannot join live?

  • A recording of the live webinar will be uploaded to our YouTube channel.
  • Also an article with the recording will be added to ECS blog.

Learn How to Start with Zeus EA

If you want to start right away, trading our Zeus EA via the profit share program is literally as simple as ABC:

  • Open an account with KeyToMarkets (KTM) and choose any account in EUR
  • Verify Your Account

    • Proof of address
    • Questionnaire
    • Proof of Identity
  • Deposit **at least €1,500 (**prefered minimum amount is €2,500)
  • Now, Open Zeus EA PAMM (make sure to use our link)
    Open & Fund PAMM using trading Account Credentials (available in “Account overview tab”, also sent to you via email after opening an MT4 account via KTM).

What’s next?

Learn more about Zeus EA first.

Join or Sign-up for the Live Webinar Here.

Good trading,
Elite CurrenSea

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