Winners of FXStreet Best Awards 2018

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Hi traders!

Elite CurrenSea is happy to announce that Nenad and Chris won the 2018 FXStreet award as “Best Sell-Side Analysis Contributors“! We thank you all of you for showing your vote of confidence!

Here are reactions from Nenad and Chris after hearing about the win:

It is really a huge honor to win the Award. The competition was fierce but this award will ensure that we are committed to providing the best possible analyses and trading ideas. That we can promise!

Nenad Kerkez aka Tarantula FX, creator of award-winning CAMMACD method. 


I personally would like to thank all traders for their votes. Receiving such positive feedback from the trading community is a huge motivation to keep working on the development of our ECS trading tools and education. This year promises to be the best ever and we are excited to share our experience and market views.

Chris Svorcik, creator of Simple Wave Analysis & Trading method

The award is a recognition of how Nenad, Chris, and Elite CurrenSea help traders with their analysis, market views, and education. We remain committed to offering the best analysis, tools, and methods, all while building a strong group of traders that could function for the common benefit – more green pips!

About award

FXStreet award is back for the 8th consecutive year, where a leading fx resource rewards the best analysis, educational content and contributors during the previous year. The winners in each of the 7 nominations were selected by fxstreet readership.

This is our second prize from FXStreet. In 2017, Nenad Kerkez was noted as “Best Video Podcaster” for consistent contribution and authorship of “US Elections” best podcast series.

More information about the award and a complete list of winners you can find VIA THIS LINK

Nenad & Chris Return the favor to you

The good news is that we would like to thank you, the trader, for the vote of confidence by giving back and returning the favour…

We are cutting prices for ecs.SWAT and ecs.CAMMACD (full & separate modules) up to 25% until the end of February 2018!

All current clients are eligible for 10% discount whereas our IB (see explanation below) clients will receive 25% discount… If you are an American trader, feel free to contact us for a personal offer

While the program is still being developed, to get a discount, just drop us a line and we’ll arrange it for you!

What is Introducing Broker “ecs.TradersClub”?

Introducing Broker (IB) is an agreement between a broker and third-party partner (ECS). When ECS refers traders to brokers, both traders and ECS benefit from such an introduction (as per company policy).

We call traders who are referred this way as “ecs.TradersClub” members.

What is the main benefit for traders?

There are many advantages that are summarized in the next paraph, but the main point is that we provide additional services when a trader opens an account with a broker and decides to use ECS as an introducing broker.

Keep in mind, IB agreement does not have any impact on your trading conditions and is fully up to you if you want to enjoy the extra benefits of being an “ecs.TradersClub member”.

Learn more about our loyalty program and instruction on how to an take action to become a member!

Many green pips

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