Trade Journal: cammacd.MTF 4.0 Nailed It!

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Nenad Kerkez

Nenad Kerkez

Head of Trading

Dear Traders,

Last week was an excellent one to trade! We had a hot winning streak that put the MyFXbook account to new highs.

The recently released cammacd.MTF version 4.0 managed to catch ten wins out of a total of eleven trades. Read more about this and my weekend adventures in the article below.

Ten out of Eleven Trades Are Winners

The week started slow, but then the market began to accelerate. Fortunately, cammacd.MTF, being a momentum system, captured the volatility perfectly. We began with EUR/NZD winners followed by:

  • EUR//USD

The only loss was the EUR/USD, and the total number of pips was around 143. Not bad, indeed.

Source: MyFXBook

I hope the next week will continue with winners as I expect this summer to be profitable as it was the last one. Now my focus will be to create a new template for CAMMACD counter-trend trading module. I want it to be as close to MTF in terms of accuracy.

Never Go Above Your Risk Limit

Many of the other trading systems out there sell without any substantial proof of their effectiveness. Okay, you have bought a system, it shows a nice PDF with results. But that PDF doesn’t contain any info about a trader, the system, the account or any link to any 3rd party tool such as Myfxbook.

The system might be right, but it lacks a proper money management component. The best way to learn proper money management is by trial-and-error or by visiting webinars hosted by traders who can show you what adequate money management should look like.

However, both winning and losing streaks are entirely reasonable. Start thinking in big sample sizes. Don’t just analyse one or two trades. Collect a database of hundreds of trades before you make an educated decision about your trading system. Try it on a demo account. Don’t blindly change or alter your trading approach after a few bad trades. Join our ecs.LIVE channel and take our signals.

Saturday is For Boyz

Saturday is always for boys. My ThunderCrew Motorcycle group and I went for a nice ride outside the city straight to the heartland. The weather was beautiful, and we ended up on a hilltop 300 km far from the capital. It was so good. However, I forgot to bring up my phone, so I didn’t take pictures.

Remember, we traders, always need to spend some time with friends and let our energy emotions go in a perfect rollercoaster of adrenaline and focus. Next time I go outside on my bike, I promise I will take my photo and get some great pics.

Having charged my batteries up, I expect the upcoming week to yield us many green pips. CAMMACD rocks!

Cheers and safe trading,

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