Trade Journal: 75% Wins for CAMMACD and SWAT Lessons Learned

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tarantula fx

tarantula fx

Head of Trading

Dear Traders,

the ecs.CAMMACD scored 6 wins and 2 losses in a slower week. Total loss was -106 pips with 0.5 % risk but winning trades outscored losses with +177 pips using 0.5 % – 1.5 % of risk.

The ecs.SWAT system also had a profitable trading week but it could have been better by a factor of 10. Chris explains why he missed so much profit last week and how this error often spoils the results with traders.

NZD/USD was the Winner of The Week

One perfect of risk was taken for the winning NZD/USD trade. Rejections from the POC zone were supported by the (diamond) T-89 pattern and there was a nice spike before the drop on the pair after the surprising NFP on Friday.

Source: ecs.CAMMACD

EUR/CAD Counter Trend Trades 1-1

Counter trend setups on the EUR/CAD just after the NFP were initially very positive. The first trade went into a nice profit (long trade) while the second long trade closed with a loss due to profit taking and bigger spread difference on the market close.

However, counter trend setups are taken with only 0.5 % of risk and this proves again the power of money management.

Summer Vibes

Summer is in full swing and we traders always need to vent. I fully enjoy the summer, and this weekend was very active for me as I went on a motorcycle ride just outside of the city core.

We went on a nice summer ride and finished in a nice pub where we enjoyed hanging out together. See how these beauties look together. Motorcycle riding is something that I really enjoy and it gives me power and the boost of positivity just before my trading week starts. Now it’s time for Chris to give us ecs.SWAT update of last week.

ecs.SWAT Strategy Has Great Week

Last week was a great week for the ecs.SWAT method. Unfortunately I did not manage to catch as much profit due to discretionary decisions that did not work out well for me.

This is again proof that sticking to the trading plan is best and clear evidence for why breaking the rules is often counter-productive. Let’s compare the results of my ecs.SWAT rules with my discretionary decisions using 1% risk per trade.

SWAT rules: total of +4.8% reward

Discretionary changes: total of 0.44% – 1.18% reward

Difference: 4.36 to 3.62% less profit – see image below.

Why? I did not follow my SWAT rules because I thought that I could beat my own rules and outsmart the market. I saw moments where moving the trail stop loss made sense but unfortunately I cut my trades short and they went on for full wins. The worst case was the GBP/CAD where a full 2.12% win was missed.

Anyhow, I re-learned my old lesson again… now I know again why this rule is important to me and why I should never break it. Sometimes you need to relearn certain wisdoms again in order to grow and reach your maximum potential.

Anyhow, The best trades of this week were surely GBP weakness. Not only did I trade the GBP/CAD but also the GBP/USD (see image above) and GBP/NZD. Fortunately I did not change the parameters of the GBP/NZD trade and it closed for a full win (see image below).

Another good win was on the CAD/JPY long (see image below). Although this trade worked out nicely, I did move the stop loss too close due to the NFP event, which means that some broker platforms could have seen a break even trade rather than a win. Otherwise, the trade looked nice and smooth.

Cheers and safe trading,
Nenad and Chris

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