Trade Better with Improved ecs.SWAT 15 min Chart Rules

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Hi traders,

Would you like to know how to trade the waves on lower time frames?

Then we have good news for you! Because Elite CurrenSea has worked hard on improving the rules of its ecs.SWAT method and software so that traders can now trade on lower time frames with more efficiency.

This article explains the new ecs.SWAT updates in more detail. Learn what’s new and how to join.

Benefit of Trading with ecs.SWAT on Lower Time Frames

Our new followers might be wondering what is ecs.SWAT actually?

SWAT stands for Simple Wave Analysis and Trading. But it’s really more than waves… it’s about understanding price patterns and market structure.

SWAT is a method,a system, and a software package, all in one. It explains how to understand the chart, how to trade it, and how to use software to make the best trading decisions and how to find entries and exits.

Analysing price patterns, wave patterns, and the market offers traders a more intense and deeper way of analysing the markets… but SWAT simplifies that process and shortens the learning curve.

SWAT traders already know that the main benefit of using the SWAT methods and software is that traders can benefit from the wave patterns without knowing or analysing the waves themselves.


Trading with ecs.SWAT on Lower Time Frames


Trading SWAT is easier done on the higher time frames when the market is slower and the rush of entering and exiting setups is not as intense as on the lower time frames.

Trading SWAT on lower time frames was certainly doable but remained a challenge due to the fact that the software offered a wide range of setups… Too wide perhaps. SWAT was always best when traders analyse the charts first, before looking for an entry.

The good news is that Mislav and Chris created extra rules for finding the best entries on the 15 minute charts. These advanced settings help traders filter out the setups with the highest probability for success.

The most success is actually achieved due to the great reward to risk ratio. Some trades close for a large win, ratios such as 3:1, 4:1 and even higher are possible. That’s because the new rules manage to catch large runs and cut losses short.

Traders should expect about 50% wins but if traders implement the rules with more experience, then win percentages that go up to 60, 70 or 75% are possible:

  • 25% of the trades are expected to end up for a loss of -0.5 to -1 (full loss).
  • 45% of the trades end up between -0.5 and +1.
  • 30% of the trade close for +1 or more.

The Most Important SWAT Changes


Some of the changes are too detailed to discuss here in this article but we can indicate some of the key upgrades…

Main upgrade number 1: we use the Wizz tool for targets.

We use the Wizz levels intensively for targets and take profits. We tested what levels work best and the space between Wizz levels can sometimes be massive.

Main upgrade number 2: we use Wizz tool for understanding space.

SWAT trend setups tend to be the weakest when price is either just starting or when the trend overstretched territory. We use the Wizz tool to understand the position of price in relationship to both its bullish and bearish potential.

Main upgrade number 3: we use a new, extra EMA.

We use a new EMA that helps pinpoint the best starting point for Wizz and it adds another layer for understanding the trend.

Main upgrade number 4: we use a new method for trail stop loss.

Our trail stop loss method is more effective now because we built a system that allows us to be more cautious with trailing when the trade just started and it becomes more aggressive as the trade develops.

This 4 upgrades, together with our other SWAT methods, help us trade the 15 minute time frames more successfully.

Many green pips,
Mislav and Chris

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