Tarantula’s cammacd.MTF System Offers Semi-Automated Trading Signals

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Hello Traders,

Do you sometimes wish that you could trade with the support of a professional, full-time trader?

Luckily, Nenad Kerkez (tarantula FX) is opening the doors to his favourite trading system, the cammacd.MTF method, during his live webinar on Thursday 2 May 2019 at 3pm GMT. Nenad will be offering a special discount (recording is available).

The MTF strategies have been his core approach for ecs.LIVE – our signal service – and have shown impressive results. At the end of last year Nenad has managed to semi-automate the process because the signals from multiple MTF strategies are sent automatically to H1 chart.

Tarantula Explains Semi-Automated cammacd.MTF Signals

The ease of trading the cammacd.MTF system was greatly increased last year with the help of  a CAMMACD trader and programmer Carlos, who managed to automate the process of signals.

Although the trader still need to enter the trade themselves, the entire process of analysis and signal hunting is automated. The last check before entry is the only aspect still done by the trader.

The simplicity of the system has made it a lot easier for traders to copy Nenad’s trading success. Nenad said this:

“my goal is not only to create good strategies for me, but also for the traders that rely on my input. It is critical that traders are able to use the strategy in the same way as I do.”

Therefore, Nenad decided to host a live webinar (join here) so that he can fully explain all of the benefits of trading the system called cammacd.MTF (multiple time frames).

Here are the main advantages:

  1. The cammacd.MTF method is based on multiple strategies.
  2. The signals are semi-automated and automatically appear on the H1 chart.
  3. The MTF indicator automatically scan multiple time frames for setups.

The method is ideal for a wide range of traders:

  • Intra-day traders: multiple setups on a daily basis
  • Forex traders: excellent track record on a wide range of currency pairs
  • Part-time traders: benefit from the semi-automated signals

Live Webinar Also Offers Special Discount

Nenad is serious about helping out fellow traders via his cammacd.MTF approach, which is why he is hosting a free webinar that explains the MTF system and how you can join.

Join Live & Free cammacd.MTF webinar on Thu 2 May at 3pm GMT

During the webinar Nenad will reveal a special one-time discount, because he wants everyone to benefit from this method and boost their performance and stats.

The webinar will be recorded so you can see the recording even if you cannot join the live event. And yes, the discount will also be available after the webinar (for 1 week until 9 May).

There will also be a Q&A part so you can ask any questions that you want so you can make sure that cammacd.MTF will be the right choice for you!

Results with cammacd.MTF Signals

Nenad is actively trading the system himself and sharing the trade setups in the ecs.LIVE service. The 2019 results with cammacd.MTF in ecs.LIVE speak for themselves (see image). There were 124 cammacd.MTF setups in the first quarter of 2019 (until April 5) with 94 wins.

He is also maintaining a smaller live account where he has traded some of the MTF signals as well. You can see the results here below:

How to Register for the Live Webinar and Discount

The live webinar will take place on Thursday 2 May 2019 at 3pm GMT. There will also be a recording available.

Register for Live & Free MTF webinar

During the webinar there will be an offer with special discount. You will be able to see the voucher code for the discount during live webinar or in the recording, which will be valid till Thu 9 May at 11pm GMT.

In case anything is unclear, reach out to us at info@elitecurrensea.com!

Good trading,
Elite CurrenSea team

P.S. If you are interested in seeing a sneak peek of how the semi-automated signals look like, at then at the bottom you will find an image that shows a few setups!

P.P.S. Register here for the live & free cammacd.MTF webinar on Thu 2 May at 3pm GMT to get access to the live webinar, the recording after the live event, and the special discount!


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